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Comment: Re: Gadget guys vs photographers (Score 4, Informative) 192

by davmoo (#48855085) Attached to: Samsung's Advanced Chips Give Its Cameras a Big Boost

(I don't normally reply to ACs, but three of you bring up good points, which outweighs the one asshole.)

Actually, no on the toe. Of course there are shots where the gymnast is in a type of pose that doesn't need to be immortalized in a photograph. You'll get that in any sport where the standard method of shooting is "spray and pray" (set the camera on continuous shooting, hold down the button as the gymnast starts a flip, and pray you get a good printable shot at the peak of the flip). And yes, I go through and make sure those don't go out in the wild. But in all honesty, I've never seen a camel toe shot in the schools I shoot at. High school leotards are designed to prevent just that sort of thing. If a high school gymnast is showing toe, then the coach did a really poor job of selecting leotards for the team.

As for the "reasonable suspicion" part, no it really isn't. You'll see more skin at any public beach (and probably most shopping malls in the summer) than you will at a high school gymnastics meet. And most gymnastics meets are so lightly attended that the parents and coaches generally know quickly if anyone suspicious is showing up. If someone unknown shows up and just starts taking photos, someone else is going to ask questions. I started out by taking photos of a family member and her friends on the team 8 years ago, I didn't just randomly walk in off the street with a camera and start shooting. There's also the part, at least in my state, where one must obtain permission from the school principal or the state sanctioning body (depends on particular meet) to distribute the photos commercially. And finally, getting good gymnastics photos is not a cheap endeavor, nor is it something you're going to learn overnight. You're generally in a very large room with piss poor lighting and a strictly enforced rule of no flash photography, and photograph is only allowed in certain areas if you're shooting from the actual gym floor and not the stands. You ain't going to get even passable shots with an entry level camera you bought the day before a meet, a kit lens, and the camera set on "Programmed". A pedo isn't going to devote that much time, money, and effort to something that only lasts 12 weeks a year.

Comment: Re: Gadget guys vs photographers (Score 3, Interesting) 192

by davmoo (#48854087) Attached to: Samsung's Advanced Chips Give Its Cameras a Big Boost

Then the parents are in on it too, seeing as how they pay me to take the photos and all. The local paper is in trouble too, since they occasionally print my photos.

Please feel free to go fuck yourself. You're probably the only partner you can get. Actually your hand probably even rejects you.

Comment: Re:Gadget guys vs photographers (Score 5, Insightful) 192

by davmoo (#48853895) Attached to: Samsung's Advanced Chips Give Its Cameras a Big Boost

Camera bodies are indeed temporary, but they are still important. I shoot high school gymnastics. During the season, which started a couple weeks ago, I regularly shoot 4000 to 5000 images at each meet, and there will be 12 meets this season. I know my Canon 7D can take that kind of use week in and week out, and its on its third season now. That Samsung may take pretty photos, but it has no track record for dependability. If one were handed to me I'd use it for day-to-day "walking around town" shots, but I won't even consider using it as a main shooter at a gymnastics meet until its been out long enough, at least a couple of years, to have a reputation for taking heavy usage.

Yes, to answer other comments I've seen on this story, when you buy Canon (and Nikon) you're paying a premium for the name. But you're also buying a decades-long reputation of dependable cameras that can do the job and won't let you down. I'm willing to pay a premium for a quality camera body that I know I can depend on. Samsung has a long way to go before it has that kind of reputation in the camera market.

Comment: Okay, sort of. (Score 3, Insightful) 361

by davmoo (#48839157) Attached to: Linus On Diversity and Niceness In Open Source

To an extent I agree with Linus. Being nice is not what counts. Especially if the project has a deadline approaching. But at the same time, there is a difference between not always being nice and being a belligerent asshole. And many times recently its obvious that Linus may not see that distinction.

Comment: This could be turned in to a good thing. (Score 4, Insightful) 289

by davmoo (#48484671) Attached to: Gilbert, AZ Censors Biology Books the Old-Fashioned Way

This will all but guarantee that every student in the school system will read the page the school board is removing. Everyone knows that the quickest way to encourage a teen to seek out and read something is to remove it or ban it and tell them its not permitted.

Comment: Don't totally agree (Score 4, Insightful) 224

by davmoo (#48344869) Attached to: Mayday PAC Goes 2 For 8

Yeah, partisanship has some to do with it. But the biggest problem that faces is apathy and the fact that nationally 62 percent of those legally eligible to vote did not do so.

If you are American and you voted Tuesday, regardless of who you voted for, good for you! But if you did not vote and you were legally entitled to do so, go look in the mirror and you'll see why American government is as fucked up as it is. When 62 percent of eligible voters do not do so, America gets the government it deserves. And don't give me that "My not voting is a protest!" bullshit. All you do by not voting is magnify the voting power of the far right, which is the group most likely to go vote in American elections, and is the very group that is most likely to support the leaders you do not like.

Comment: Doesn't matter who wins (Score 1) 401

by davmoo (#48299189) Attached to: US Midterm Elections Discussion

It doesn't make any difference what so ever for the next two years regardless of which party of assholes controls the Senate. Neither party in their wildest dreams is going to get enough seats to break a filibuster on their own, much less get enough seats to override a Presidential veto. And if a Republican controlled Senate forces another shutdown, Millionaire Mitch will, once again, be proven to be a liar, since one of his campaign promises has been that he will allow no more shutdowns if he becomes Majority Dumbfuck of the Senate.

So ultimately, no matter who wins on Tuesday, America loses for at least two more years.

And this has absolutely nothing to do with "News For Nerds".

Disclaimer: "These opinions are my own, though for a small fee they be yours too." -- Dave Haynie