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Comment Re:RTFA? (Score 1) 492

I plan to disable all of these through group policy before win10 goes on any of my machines. I don't want to miss any or fat finger my way past one. My question is is this possible with a w2k8r2 active directory? I obviously won't find the win10-specific group policies on my DC's. If i install RSAT in my win8 machine (once released), will that work? Anyone tried this yet? Thanks!

Comment Re:The basics (Score 1) 302

Not understanding the concept of a file / filesystem is more common than I thought. My sister had a flash drive (with all of her autocad drawings for school) that got corrupted. After failing to recover it, I asked why she didn't back it up. She said her Macbook didn't have autocad so she couldn't save the files to it. She now knows the difference. :-)

Comment Re: Systemd and Gnome3 == no thanks (Score 4, Insightful) 300

I've seen a lot of posts in this thread about how people have massively hosed a system while logged in directly as root. I'd be curious to know exactly what command(s) caused the issue. I'm guessing some variant of rm or dd. How would sudo have prevented it? I log in as root directly when I know I need to do something that requires it. My root shell colors the prompt red as a reminder. I log out when I'm done. I think at the end of the day, not hosing up your system is best prevented by constant awareness when you're logged in as root or running something as root. You could just as easily trash your box with a mis-typed sudo command.

Comment Re:Impressive... and improbable. (Score 1) 74

This is why I run Debian. I don't have time to troubleshoot my laptop and my server every time I update them. That being said, I'm kind of biased since I'm a Linux sysadmin for a factory. :-)

And thanks to everyone who does run Arch and posts their solutions on the Arch wiki. It's extremely helpful.

Comment ThinkPad alternative? (Score 1) 248

I used to be a big fan of Lenovo's Thinkpads but the quality (and keyboard) has gone downhill in recent models. Preinstalling malware is the final deal-breaker (The TFS says it was to consumer-grade machines, but doing this is a serious breach of trust).

Does anyone recommend a good enterprise-grade laptop? Something like the T400 but with a Haswell chip?

Comment Can it be rooted easily? (Score 2) 120

cat | ./post-to-slashdot END_OF_RANT

Can the bootloader be unlocked? It seems that any non-nexus devices can only be rooted through running some sort of security exploit against the running OS, which only gets you control over that OS and doesn't let you easily load a new OS.

I'd like to see a device where not only the bootloader is unlocked, but it lets you set your own signing key, re-lock it, and then only boot images you sign. I know this will not be the case for mainstream devices, but I hope there will be a market for such devices among the geek crowd.


Comment Re:Less static hardware. (Score 1) 993

It may be a while before the hardware becomes available, but thinking ahead even further, wouldn't it be awesome if you could replace a DIMM or a CPU without shutting down the machine? For really critical servers, this might be a good option to have at some point. It would be quite a challenge to implement something like this since the CPU and memory are so integral to the machine but it doesn't mean it can't be done.

Comment Re:More (Score 1) 150

I think that fines should be a percentage of the company's total profit instead of a fixed dollar amount. That way, no matter how big or small the company is, if they commit a crime, they are punished in proportion to the severity of the crime. Any company being fined 20%-30% of their profit will think twice before pulling shit like this. The shareholders will make sure of it.

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