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Comment: Why are they asking you? (Score 1) 365

by davesque (#45902165) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Many (Electronics) Gates Is That Software Algorithm?
It seems like, if you could describe the algorithm in a sufficiently low-level language like C, they shouldn't be asking you how many gates it would take. If they're the hardware manufacturer, they should know. Besides, there are too many factors that could influence the gate count depending on how the manufacturer decided to implement the adders, etc. None of these things seem like questions that programmers should be responsible for answering.

Comment: Text book industry propaganda? (Score 1) 331

by davesque (#45550877) Attached to: 62% of 16 To 24-Year-Olds Prefer Printed Books Over eBooks

As far as college text books are concerned, it's a weird situation and I don't blame anyone who says they simply prefer a paper text book. Here's why. Have you ever tried to use the officially-sanctioned eBook solutions that are available on the market today? They're pathetic. Completely locked down with DRM and mired by bad interface design and usability. I bought an eBook for one of my classes at the beginning of the semester. I had thought to myself, "Hey, this could be great if it's like I imagine -- like downloading an eBook to my Kindle app on my iPad." Boy, was I mistaken. I had to download a half-backed piece of proprietary crap-ware in order to "read" my book. The user interface in this "app" (rhymes with "crap"?) was appalling. The interface was clunky and looked like it was thrown together in a single week. The pages were pixelated, not crisp like a PDF.

In the end, I resorted to _illegally_ downloading the books (as PDFs) I had just purchased legitimately on account of the inadequacies in the kosher versions. Ironically, now that I've gone through one semester being able to carry around my iPad (< two pounds) instead of paper text books (~ twenty pounds?), I would never -- not in a million years -- go back to paper text books. It's unfortunate that all these media corporations have been allowed to drag their feet so slowly in embracing new technologies and formats for delivering their content.

Comment: Is anyone else starting to get tired of this? (Score 1) 484

by davesque (#43428809) Attached to: Zuckerberg Lobbies For More Liberal Immigration Policies
When I first started hearing these tech giants complaining about H1-B rules, I thought, "I guess that's okay. I've had many good friends from out of the country and I wouldn't mind more diversity in my field." However, at this point (and at the risk of sounding like a racist), I find Zuckerberg's suggestion that "the most talented and hardest-working people" are elsewhere as a borderline insult. His article arguing for reform offers little more than his own personal opinion. Where are the facts? Even the ones he lists out aren't that convincing. If we really do grant VISAs to ~60% of the foreign graduate students that are educated in this country, I'd call that extremely generous. What would it say to the world if we granted VISAs to 100% of graduate students? That the United States is the only place worth being for an educated person?

Comment: I can corroborate this (Score 5, Interesting) 329

I majored in music in college. Throughout my life, I've gone through various phases of being out of practice, getting back into the practicing groove, falling out of it, getting back into it again, and so on. I've noticed every time I return to the instrument after having taken a long break, there is a short period of difficulty followed by a burst of learning and progress. Sounds just like what the prof is talking about.

Comment: This is not right (Score 1) 368

by davesque (#38784845) Attached to: Web Developer Sentenced To Death In Iran

I saw a link to this website in another person's comment:

I took a few minutes to write my own letter to Canada's Prime Minister. Who knows if he will read it or if it will make a difference? And who knows if Mr. Malekpour is actually guilty or not? Regardless, no one deserves to die for something like that. Please take a moment to speak your mind to Canada's Prime Minister:

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