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Comment: Save the "Enterprise" tape carousel (Score 2) 210 210

Our site had a "name brand, enterprise" tape carousel and "the" (not one of two) power supply failed. We have platinum support so I called the data-center team at the central office and their answer was "it is going to be about a month." The warranty was up, it was the end of the fiscal year and they were in negotiations for new hardware. I was dismayed that the data-center team thought no backups at our site for a month was ok, and further dismayed that no amount of escalation could get us even a used drive. I took it apart and it took a fairly standard power supply, just with long IDE power leads and a SUPER LONG floppy power plug to run the board, etc at the front of the machine. After some thinking I remembered an executive assistant had one of those really old Dell desktops that opens like a clamshell, with unbelievably long wiring that runs all the way around the case. Wirh a super long floppy power plug. I whipped them up a new replacement PC and retired the old one, ans stole the PSU. Pulled the whole wiring harness into the carousel chassis and reracked the whole thing. It ran, racked and with a power supply sitting on top of it, for 8 weeks until the replacement got there. DB

Comment: The Best "Of Its Time" (Score 1) 83 83

I was working at Disney Imagineering in 1999 and was sent to Florida for 3 weeks to bring Disney Quest (a five story arcade) online early to coincide with the opening of Animal Kingdom. We were working 8am to 2am and were stressed. They had a Daytona USA game 8 drivers wide and the SEGA setup guy showed us how to trip the unlimited free plays. The 8 of us would usually run it about an hour every night to burn off steam. I am sure it (really) doesn't compare to this but it was really fun to run hard against the same smart guys night after night. All were car guys, most with small-time racing experience so everyone brought something new every night.

Comment: Re:don't try to irrigate a desert (Score 1) 124 124

I sincerely respect most of the views expressed on the subject over the last month or so. What I have not seen is any discussion on the fact that California grows a metric "Library of Congress" of shit in the central valley. If very much of that goes away, food prices will rise in California so food will be imported from the rest of the nation (40 million people and rising have to eat something) causing widespread price increases as the existing supply is spread thinner. Many express opinions framing this as "California's problem." California is handling their water issue poorly; but they are, in effect, subsidising the rest of the country’s food prices. Don't judge them too harshly. I don't know, but shipping them water may be more cost effective than judging them.

Comment: Re:how much it took (Score 1) 274 274

It also says "The vehicle, hoisted onto a test platform, was running its engine and drive train, simulating a real-life military scenario." I have NEVER seen a vehicle in combat on a test platform OR tilted 45deg to improve the angle of incidence of the enemy weapons systems...

Comment: Re:No shit (Score 1) 248 248

I am switching my home lighting over to LED. Unfortunately my "digital" dimmer on the "off" position bleeds enough power to leave the new LED light running right outside my bedroom. I will ind another solution this weekend but until then it is fortunate they stay cool enough to unscrew them just before I go to bed.

Comment: Re:Overstated or misrepresented? (Score 1) 403 403

I live in the boonies so I fill from the same exact nozzle every time I am not on a road trip; OCD but it is easy to do. The dash readout is far off (1.3-2mpg low). The worst mileage tank I got 1.3 better than the dash, my best mileage tank was 2 better, normally I beat the dash display by about 1.5

Comment: Re:if you're worried about the collapse of society (Score 1) 509 509

True, I was looking at the commentary sweeping us unto the Utopian future not the stone age. But you're right, it could go that way (and there would be no malpractice but the hours and clients are still terrible. I think really many of the comments are good for a single generation, then spin the wheel and go again...

Comment: Re:Go into the trades (Score 1) 509 509

Construction, electrician, plumber, welder. You can't offshore these jobs, they must be done here.

But you can on-shore cheaper labor. H1-B? I grew up in southern California. I am not a union fan but this is instructive. My uncle was a plasterer in the plasterers union. They did mostly drywall but he was a highly skilled finish specialist and troubleshooter who could actually "plaster" a wall, do moldings etc. and made a good living. In came the third world labor at $8/hr to do all the drywall in LA and broke the union. Once the union was gone they immediately charged almost the same as the union plasterers. No reason not to anymore...

Comment: Re:Stripper! (Score 1) 509 509

Very few jobs will exist for humans in any area of work much sooner than most people think. Obviously society will have to pay people not to work. Freedom might become a much more real concept when people are freed from monetary demands. The very notion of concepts such as socialism, communism and capitalism will become quaint and obsolete concepts.

I understand the thrust of your point, but if someone else provides your living you are a slave. They can stop providing it at will. They can choose to provide it only if they "insert any restriction here;" like all your data/communication/thoughts (in the future) belong to them. Point taken, but I don't *want* to belong to someone.

Comment: Re:if you're worried about the collapse of society (Score 1) 509 509

NO! I don't mean to be rude. I work with some great OBs but it is a terrible job. I work IT at a hospital and I work every department at every level. MDs are not going away so any field will do; surgeons especially cardiac are treated very well. Robots are coming in but as a tool for surgeons. Anesthesiologists are raking it in but that may be more prone to automation in the future. Nephrologist, neurologist, pathologist, the list is never ending, pick something you'll love (bioinformatics?). OBs have the worst patients, crappiest hours, highest malpractice insurance. This advice is from MDs. Unless she has an inalienable passion to be an OB, avoid it at all costs

Comment: Re:A bunch of nuns? (Score 1) 800 800

Actually, this raises a more interesting question (at least to me) which your little thought experiment approaches. What if my autonomous car decides that the action to take that is likely to cause the least harm is to kill the driver? For example, what if the car has the opportunity to swerve off the side of a mountain road and drop you 1000 feet onto some rocks to avoid a crash that would have killed far more people than simply you? Is my autonomous car required to act in my own best interest, or should it act in the best interests of everyone on the road?

What if the oncoming car makes the same decision (similar programming) and both cars drive off the cliff?

It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct one.