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Comment No policy indemnifies your criminal losses. (Score 1) 100

I do not have a dog in this fight, I hate them both equally. All legal battles and all insurance policies (same thing) have terms. Terms are restrictive. Example: My auto policy does not cover off-road and/or racing settings. If I take my car to a perfectly legal drag strip and (anyone) wrecks it, I am on my own. I have never seen a policy that indemnifies losses incurred while committing a crime. Better/more applicable example: If you are a fleeing felon, wreck your car and are injured, you are on your own; no Auto, no medical, no life, no disability, etc. I am not judging the case on its merits; but if Cox incurred a loss while in violation if the law, they are - defacto - uninsured.

Comment Its not exactly what you think. (Score 1) 116

Caveat, Most everything said above is true, but... I work in hospital IT, we don't go near anything like these devices. They are FDA approved - If a WD HDD goes out in a device I can't even replace it with the same model from CDW, the replacement has to come from the vendor with an FDA sticker on it. The "Sticker Price" is usually about $500... We have a BioMed department that handles all that and I work with them often. Very few devices are network connected, most all are stand-alone. Most all devices that are connected to the network are "send only," they push reports to a server. They have a very specific and limited interface to change settings and you have to be touching it to get into it. BioMed does things like adjust/calibrate but on most devices that is only available via direct serial connection... I am sure security needs significant changes but you really need physical access to most everything.

Comment SOLD (Score 1) 241

Seriously, who doesn't just ask the guy, "how much for that?" I know I would have if I knew what it was. For scrap value, just bust out the wallet; square up with NASA later or keep it if they don't. I always taught my kids to, at least, ask. You would be surprised what happens when you do. I could have had a rover or the country could have had a rover back, but either is better than scrap...

Comment A Model Hanglider (Score 2) 251

Just hardware. I was about 7; we took the tubing from an old TV antenna and fashioned a hang-glider frame. I'm guessing it was about a meter wide. We painted it and while it was wet, draped a dry-cleaning bag on it using the paint as adhesive. Coat hanger wire for the crossbar and a G.I Joe and it looked awesome. At first it flew badly but we slipped a skateboard wheel bearing on to the back of one of the tubes for a balance - nearly perfect. There was a big construction project on the hill behind us. From about 75m high it made slow circles for about 5 minutes before getting stuck on the school rooftop below. Super basic, but incredibly satisfying as a 7yo.

Comment Fails to address the biggest issues (Score 1) 1291

This is a reasonably simple concept when only discussing individual adults but there are huge holes. $1000/mo. in Oklahoma and the same amount in San Diego don't look anything alike. If you adjust for cost of living what is to keep everyone from "registering" in San Francisco and taking their money to Nebraska? Most existing programs also scale by number of dependants to cover the increased costs.. If a single female has 5 children; under a BIG does she have to raise all 5 kids on $1000/mo? Do the kids start receiving their BIG at birth so she gets $5k/mo? Both of those are real problemss. Dave

Submission + - FBI Director James Comey to Citizens: "Encrypted Messaging Not Needed" (

davesays writes: FBI Director James Comey expressed alarm Wednesday about broadening use of encrypted communications, telling senators that investigators increasingly are unable to intercept or retrieve suspects’ messages. Apparently he has no Slashdot account — "“I haven’t met ordinary folks who say, ‘I really want a device that can’t be opened even if an American judge finds it ought to be opened,’” Comey said. and goes on to say authorities ‘will go to jail' if they look at American Snapchat messages, Instagram posts without a warrant.

Forgive me for not taking him at his word.

Comment Save the "Enterprise" tape carousel (Score 2) 210

Our site had a "name brand, enterprise" tape carousel and "the" (not one of two) power supply failed. We have platinum support so I called the data-center team at the central office and their answer was "it is going to be about a month." The warranty was up, it was the end of the fiscal year and they were in negotiations for new hardware. I was dismayed that the data-center team thought no backups at our site for a month was ok, and further dismayed that no amount of escalation could get us even a used drive. I took it apart and it took a fairly standard power supply, just with long IDE power leads and a SUPER LONG floppy power plug to run the board, etc at the front of the machine. After some thinking I remembered an executive assistant had one of those really old Dell desktops that opens like a clamshell, with unbelievably long wiring that runs all the way around the case. Wirh a super long floppy power plug. I whipped them up a new replacement PC and retired the old one, ans stole the PSU. Pulled the whole wiring harness into the carousel chassis and reracked the whole thing. It ran, racked and with a power supply sitting on top of it, for 8 weeks until the replacement got there. DB

Comment The Best "Of Its Time" (Score 1) 83

I was working at Disney Imagineering in 1999 and was sent to Florida for 3 weeks to bring Disney Quest (a five story arcade) online early to coincide with the opening of Animal Kingdom. We were working 8am to 2am and were stressed. They had a Daytona USA game 8 drivers wide and the SEGA setup guy showed us how to trip the unlimited free plays. The 8 of us would usually run it about an hour every night to burn off steam. I am sure it (really) doesn't compare to this but it was really fun to run hard against the same smart guys night after night. All were car guys, most with small-time racing experience so everyone brought something new every night.

Comment Re:don't try to irrigate a desert (Score 1) 124

I sincerely respect most of the views expressed on the subject over the last month or so. What I have not seen is any discussion on the fact that California grows a metric "Library of Congress" of shit in the central valley. If very much of that goes away, food prices will rise in California so food will be imported from the rest of the nation (40 million people and rising have to eat something) causing widespread price increases as the existing supply is spread thinner. Many express opinions framing this as "California's problem." California is handling their water issue poorly; but they are, in effect, subsidising the rest of the country’s food prices. Don't judge them too harshly. I don't know, but shipping them water may be more cost effective than judging them.

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