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Comment Re:Mac os X remove the apple only locks (Score 1) 491

What I would rather see is an Apple-branded version of Linux that would function as an "OS X Lite" for generic PCs. It would have a good part of the useful functionality of OS X without cannibalizing Apple sales. For uses, it would be a low-cost way of getting some useful OS X functionality and connectivity with Apple products for networking and lightweight synchronization.

Is Darwin still an option?

Tried to find it via and it seems to have been yanked into the larger Apple sphere of influence.

Comment Re:I just want to charge at the current specs (Score 1) 75

Who said competition with other companies?

How about Apple is a company who provides a USB charger which doesn't follow the USB charging spec?
They aren't alone in this either.

In what way doesn't it follow the USB spec? Apple's USB charger implements the USB power spec exactly - it will deliver 500 mA at 5V DC to any USB device plugged into it, exactly as the spec requires.

It can also break the spec and deliver more current (1 amp) to an iPhone or iPad, or any other device that behaves the same way by measuring the resistance across the data pins. Many other types of USB chargers also do this since 500 mA is pretty low and when the spec was implemented it was never imagined that it would be used to charge high power batteries.

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