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Comment: Re:There is no vaccine for the worst diseases (Score 1) 1051

by jo_ham (#48585165) Attached to: Time To Remove 'Philosophical' Exemption From Vaccine Requirements?

The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine nearly killed me when I was a child.

Take a look at vaccine adjuvants. Doctors are not scientists, they are business people, and use a lot of hocus-pocus for financial and other reasons. For a large part doctors and biologists have no clue what they are really doing.

No holistic/philosopical objections here, just pure science.

I'm curious - where's the "pure science" in your post? I must be missing it.

Comment: Re:Let's talk about sex, baby (Score 1) 368

by Black Parrot (#48542307) Attached to: Overly Familiar Sci-Fi

Lois McMaster Bujold does it very well, in her Vorkosigan-saga books, where she touches upon cultural attitudes to sex.

But it seems like a kind of superficial gimmick. And most SF doesn't deliver any culture at all - art, music, religion, politics, etc - unless it directly relates to the plot.

What we need is someone who will do for SF what Tolkien did for fantasy.

Comment: Re:Sounds more like technical short-sightedness (Score 1) 250

by jo_ham (#48536133) Attached to: Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

The iPod sync doesn't work that way. The library on the iPod is a mirror of the one on the computer. The computer is the master device, and if you make changes to the library on the iPod, they will not be kept unless they are also made on the master library.

this sounds like poor design. if there is a file that exists on my ipod but not desktop, itunes could figure out whether it's a new file, or a file that once existed on the desktop but has been deleted. coincidentally, this poor design benefits apple and harms third-party music sellers (and pirates. arrr).

It's a mirror of a master database. It's a design that has existed in computing times since backups have existed. People just don't read the dialog boxes before clicking ok.

Of course, if you put that third party music in iTunes then it will sync just fine, or you simply put the iPod in manual mode.

Since the release of the iPhone (so, 2007), iTunes now features the ability to copy back changes on the iDevice to the master library during a sync, but the original form of the software did not do this when it was in "auto" mode.

Comment: Re:Apple deleted my songs (Score 0) 250

by jo_ham (#48533191) Attached to: Apple Accused of Deleting Songs From iPods Without Users' Knowledge

The were songs on computer. Purchased on iBook, then new hardware upgrade to a Mac mini no iNothin' device involved. Songs simply didn't transfer to the new hardware & OS X upgrade, were no longer in iTunes store even though they showed in purchase history but were unavailable for recovery/download. So I had to sneakerNET transfer them from my backup.

Ah, then I know what happened because that happened to me too, except it was during the change over to non-DRM tracks. I had purchased an album and it was showing as such, but I couldn't download the non-DRM versions of the songs for just that particular album because the album had a new ID/had a minor change or had some reason that it was no longer linked with the version for sale on the store.

Apple customer support simply gave me a copy of the "new" album despite it being the same and I carried on as before.

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