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Comment: Re:Disposal (Score 3, Informative) 502

by jo_ham (#49594649) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

You recycle them. They contain some lithium, a transition metal like cobalt or equivalent, and various anions (PF6, BF4, BPh4) that make up the electrolyte.

You can separate out and recover all of the materials you used to make the battery and make another one.

Lithium ion batteries also don't contain rare earth metals.

Comment: Re:I'll be your huckleberry. (Score 5, Interesting) 161

We kept the Shah in power for our own interests


In 1953 they had a democratically elected, very westernized government. The US and UK staged a coup when that government wasn't generous enough with "our" oil.

Worked out about as well as all our other efforts to tell the rest of the world how to run their countries.

Comment: What me worry? (Score 2) 624

by Black Parrot (#49582883) Attached to: Disney Replaces Longtime IT Staff With H-1B Workers

What's good for Disney is good for America. Or at any rate, good for the Americans who matter.

I recently read that Southern California Edison replaced its whole 500-strong IT staff with H1Bs. However, details are scarce. Several US senators have called for an investigation, but the feds are refusing on the grounds that no one hurt by it filed a complaint.

The US economy is screwed anyway. The H1B saga is just one more issue in the decades-long trend of converting the economy into shareholders and people who flip burgers for shareholders. Once the rich have skimmed all the cream, they'll go find another country to screw - or at least one that actually makes stuff they can buy with their winnings.

Comment: Re:If Congress is for it (Score 4, Insightful) 346

An earlier version of this general effort used language that would forbid reference to models in policymaking.

Presumably written by some clown club that doesn't know that models are what science produces. They were transparently trying to outlaw use of the computer models that climate science relies so heavily on. (And other branches of science, but climate science is the branch that's driving corruption^w campaign donations right now.)

Comment: Re:Don't follw the rules don't get paid. (Score 1) 148

Part of the requirements to be paid a bounty is following the "responsible disclosure policy". The submitter did not follow that policy and therefore did not get paid. It seems pretty simple.

I always make it even simpler, by citing my Greedy Bastard Policy regardless of what anyone does.

Comment: Re:The antivaxers will ignore this... (Score 1) 341

by jo_ham (#49526599) Attached to: Study Confirms No Link Between MMR Vaccine and Autism

Holy shit, you're a fucking moron. I'm not sure it can be stated any more clearly than that. Pardon my French.

Calamine lotion as a treatment for chickenpox? Are you fucking high?

Calamine doesn't "treat" chicken pox - it treats the symptoms of the disease. That is, the itching and the rash. It's not a drug that fights off the virus.

Next time I get a serious viral infection I'll just rub some zinc carbonate on my skin. Much better than vaccinating myself.

Jesus fucking christ you anti-vaxxers are unbelievable.

Comment: Re:incredibly close to target is far from success (Score 1) 342

So, with your expert knowledge of the situation, how do you propose to make the thing hover when the TWR is 1.8 at minimum thrust?

Just curious.

The vertical speed was also planned. How do you propose to control the rocket's attitude with the fins when it's moving very slowly, since they rely on airspeed to function?

Let me guess, you just assumed that "hover slowly and touch down like a helicopter" was the desired descent profile without looking anything up?

Comment: Re:Larger landing area (Score 2) 342

That large explosion at the end of the longer video implies there was plenty of fuel left over.

You would assume that, yes. But a) that's mainly the fuel vapour in the near-empty main tanks, and b) the fuel the GP is talking about is the pressurisation of the hydraulic lines for the control systems that run the thrusters and fins, not the fuel that runs the rocket engine.

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