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Comment: Re:My swap meet story (Score 3, Interesting) 447 447

Actually I saw this pallet of Core I7 processor boxes too, they were not fake processors, just the factory heat sinks & fans. The boxes were all ripped open and processor had already been removed. They were selling for $5 each. I bought one of the i7 975 extreme ones.

Comment: Ten things you need to do (Score 2, Informative) 86 86

1. Show up late, leave early or leave your booth unmanned for long periods of time.
2. Don't bring any literature describing the company or its products.
3. Don't bring applications.
4. Tell everyone that they have to go to your website to see the openings and apply and submit resumes.
5. Make sure the people who are manning your booth don't have any influence on the hiring process.
6. Send stand ins (or new hires) and tell everyone the hiring managers are at another location where the applicants are more qualified.
7. Only have openings that everyone attending is overqualified(Janitor) or underqualified(CFO, Senior Mgr) for.
8. Only have openings in locations across the country but there will be no relocation assistance.
9. Tell people that you are really interested in hiring them, take their resume, fill out application, and never contact them again.
10. Have a hiring freeze in place.

This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.