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Comment Re: Do we care? (Score 1) 247

The government wants you to believe that you need EXTRA liability insurance and safety provisions than is already covered by your motor insurance.

If I give someone a lift, nothing extra is required. If that someone drops me a few bucks for gas, nothing extra is required.

How is Ubers model *any* different?

Comment Re:And I wish... (Score 1) 95

Anything but GNUTLS. I tried that piece of shit a few years ago, and encountered a database corruption bug that just killed your SSL at random intervals without warning and no messages in error_log. Only solution was to delete the database before restarting apache ... a restart by itself didn't fix the db.

Comment Never attribute to maliciousness etc etc ... (Score 5, Informative) 180

So, he's using a domain without an SPF record (allowing it to be spoofed), and Cloudflare hosting which is notorius for spam and botnets. The same domain name with .RU extension is already associated with generating spam.

Furthermore, his homepage is chocka-block with links, that anyone could mistake for a link-farm / spam page.

There's no grand conspiracy here, just a webmaster who's not terribly savvy and some overzealous AI heuristics at Spamhaus, FB and Twitter playing it safe.

Nothing more to see here, please move along.

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