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Comment Re:Looks Like I Won't Be Using Windows (Score 0) 640 640

I've found that if you call up MS tech support and just play dumb and make yourself enough of a nuisance they'll just give you a one time code to let you move your oem key to a different machine. If the old machine isn't being used why should you have to buy a new copy of the same software?

Comment Game is not really "offline" (Score 0) 52 52

It should be noted that while the website forums were taken down after this breach last week, the game itself has remained online aside from some downtime on Sunday night. I've been seeing a lot of articles lately that just say War Z is offline but that's not very accurate. I'll admit I pre-ordered this game back in October when I thought the idea had a lot of potential, and didn't realize this was the infamous developer behind Big Rigs. I've had fun with friends and the drama has been bonus entertainment every step of the way, but frankly I hope the hackers just release the game files and someone with a little more ability and creativity takes over. Alternatively, sell it to that Korean company that just buys bankrupt studios' properties and makes them Free2Play.

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