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Comment: Re:Been working in instructional tech for 15 years (Score 0) 319

by daveb1 (#33101888) Attached to: Should Professors Be Required To Teach With Tech?
"But simply moving your stack of notes to Powerpoint is beyond worthless- it wastes your time and adds nothing at all to the content of the course. " It gets worse - powerpoint but the lectures are using bought slides WHICH they are not sure if there is a mistake in and spend 15 minutes talking about the 'said possible mistake'. BAN POWERPOINT :)

Comment: sudo mod me up! http://capirca.googlecode.com (Score 0) 414

by daveb1 (#31908740) Attached to: What Is the Future of Firewalls?
sudo mod me up! http://capirca.googlecode.com/ "Developed internally at Google, this system is designed to utilize common definitions of networks and services and high-level policy files to facilitate the development and manipulation of network access control filters (ACLs) for various platforms. "

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