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Comment: Re:Only a small piece of the puzzle (Score 2) 213

by daveb (#43221763) Attached to: The Real Purpose of DRM
Not only do we (NZ) not have such regulation - our law explicitly excludes recognition of the validity of anything designed to prevent something playing in NZ. IE if the DRM stops you playing something here - there's no reason to fear anything if you bypass the DRM to play it (providing the "it" was legitimately obtained)

Comment: Re:Job hunting (Score 1) 396

by daveb (#31804452) Attached to: "Father of Java" Resigns From Sun/Oracle

>I don't think James is going to be job "hunting"... Unless it is the kind of hunting where you
>stay at home and accept "applications" from prospective employers.

Oh he's smart enough to go hunting.

Not the kind of hunting that I would do which would involve hitting up anyone who crosses my path. He will be hunting out the next place which will be a best "fit" for him. If he sits at home waiting for someone to come to him then he might miss out on the wonderful position at a place where people don't think he'd be interested.

You probably mean just that he can take his pick - and he probably can. But I suspect he'll be a bit more proactive than waiting to see who comes to him

Comment: Re:Let me explain... (Score 5, Insightful) 398

by daveb (#30280742) Attached to: Harvard Says Computers Don't Save Hospitals Money

>You: Computers have made my life much easier.
>Harvard study: Computers don't save hospitals money.

>Note the slight difference there?

yes - but you missed the bit about efficiency. "Computers have made my life much easier." is usually how we express efficiency.

Over a decade ago I did a stint at a hospital looking after the pathology database. When it was down and paper records were required then lives were at risk due to the lack of efficiency (time spent accessing paper). It honestly scared me!

  I'm sure things are much much more reliant on computers now. Computers are not just for the hospital admins.

Comment: Tamiflu better than nothing ... just (Score 1) 65

by daveb (#28576649) Attached to: Fake Tamiflu "Out-Spams Viagra On Web"
People clutch to any straw when panicking, regardless if the panic is over anything of substance. The normal seasonal flu kills as well - possibly more so than H1N1.

From this article in the guardian it seems that Tamiflu has a measurable effect, but not markedly. You might get better 2/3 of a day earlier after taking it. I think I'd take it if prescribed but wouldn't pay huge money for it or join in a riot to get the last tablet from a pharamcy.

Comment: Re:Doesn't need to be a spaceship (Score 1) 436

by daveb (#26526269) Attached to: The Science and Physics of Back To the Future
>Isn't that the very proof that we will never invent Tardis style time travel. nope - it's only proof that the tardis-like traveller has been successfully covert or covered-up. Just as the paradox of time traveling and killing yourself (ancester) can't happen because it didn't happen. That doesn't disprove the possibility of time travel it just proves that particular event didn't occur (in our timeline)

The world is not octal despite DEC.