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Comment Re:Good and Bad Outcomes (Score 1) 265

Ahhh... raging against the beauty of the free market! Its quite simple. Service is a transaction and the server makes a calculation of their time against the likely payoff. If you are a cheap tipper, then the time spent serving you forces them to incur opportunity cost; as they can't be serving a better tipper in that time. Your average waiter or cab driver may not use the language of an economist, but you can rest assured that they are making that calculation.

Or to take a game theory approach, with reviews, tipping is now a repeated prisoner's dilemma affair. Without reviews, the only strategy that the server can take is to cooperate and the customer is free to defect. With reviews, you are playing a repeated prisoner's dilemma with a generic waiter/cab-driver. It is well known what people do when playing a repeated prisoner's dilemma against habitual defectors; the only rational strategy is to defect.

Either way, it sounds like you are going to have to be less of an asshole to people in service jobs.

Comment Re:"Three years ago today" (Score 4, Insightful) 142

You are trolling, but I'll still bite.

While living in a cave...

We're talking about the same country who got its ass kicked by vietcongs for at least two decades (while using Napalm). Ass kicked in Afghanistan by people using weapons the CIA gave them back in the late '70s when Brejnev invaded their country and IEDs. .

Interestingly, this is is a time honored methodology for fighting against a much stronger force and is exactly how I would fight against the US, NATO, Russia, China, etc. if I were in a small country. Take to the hills, don't expose yourself to pitched battles that you will lose anyway and subject your opponent to death by a thousand paper cuts. Americans themselves successfully used this methodology against the British between 1775 and 1781.

The only real ways to fight against it are to either make yourself more popular among the populace than the resistance force (VERY difficult to do) or go full Ghengis Khan.

but was the only one to use them... Twice... Hiroshima August 6th 1945... Enola Gay...Little Boy...Gun Type 16kT. Nagasaki August 9th 1945... Bockscar...Fat Man...Implosion type 21kT.

Other designs were planned. We're talking about weapon testing... If the war wasn't over back in the old countries, they would *never* have dropped a nuclear weapon in europe.

So..... its the summer of 1945. YOU are Harry Truman. The war has killed, what 50 million people so far. The battle of Okinawa has just finished and it killed.... oh about 200,000 people. (about half being soldiers of the two side and the rest civilians). That was essentially the dress rehearsal for the invasion of Japan itself. You've just been told about these new kinds of bombs. What would you do? Try to finish the war off by using them and then bluffing the Japanese by saying you have a thousand (you don't. you have two) or go ahead with the invasion?

Comment Re:Any tool can be misused. (Score 1) 181

This does not refute the GP. All of those 50 bling buttons are like a honey pot for bad designers. And if MS did not offer them? People would whine about them not being in.

I'm a product manager for an IDE. The tool offers no component for adding gauge graphics to the app being built. What do customers ask or? How do you think they'd react to "gauges are chart junk and you'll just use them to create design abominations"? So yeah, gauges are on the roadmap. *sigh*

Comment Re:Ridiculous stunt (Score 1) 565

Why should it be free? The infrastructure costs money and they have a right to make a profit on it. TV is not a necessity - if anything, its a vice - , so you can't even make an argument that it should be subsidized for the poor.

Nothing is free, ever! Even things that may look free... like say roads, schools and clean water, cost money. People like me pay for them. I pay a mountain of taxes; much more than I eve get back. I'd rather do that than live like a king in a third world shithole.

And I never tried to steal cable TV either.

Comment Re:I would, but... (Score 1) 276

It is probably more insidious, given the nature of the allegations in Germany against the BND. Suppose you are a spy agency and want to spy on your own population, but are thwarted by laws about that pesky due process? No problem! Simply cut a deal with other spy agencies. "You spy on our people, because spying on foreigners is your job. We spy on your people, because spying on foreigners is our job. It all goes into the same database and no laws were technically broken".

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