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Comment: Agreed, but the damage has already been done (Score 1) 107

by dav1dc (#44941245) Attached to: The Internet Society is Unhappy with U.S. Govt's Internet Spying Tactics

I agree 100%: the greatest harm that could have possibly come about from this mess is not the truth that we have no privacy left, but the mistrust this generates in the spirit of keeping the Internet "Free" and "Open" as a world wide network of computers that enable the free exchange of information and ideas.

Things like the "The Great Firewall of China" will become more and more common - because this event completely validates the fears that these firewalls and countermeasures were designed to address.

Pretty soon getting your data in or out of a country is going to be even more encumbered that trying to clear airport security to get in and out of that country as a human being! :S

Unfortunately human nature & greed drive the need to control - I fear that all we can do now is prevent matters from getting any worse, but the damage has already been done IMHO...

Comment: Re:Is this really helping people in 2nd or 3rd wor (Score 1) 64

by dav1dc (#44646705) Attached to:'s Slave and Helicopter-Powered Internet

And all of your suggestions are great - but none of them actually appear in's manifesto.

Unless plans to send computers pre-configured for text-2-voice to third world countries - those illiterate children would once again be faced with the burden of reading instructions to figure out how to set that up. It's a simple chicken & egg problem.

To quote an Episode of Archer regarding philanthropies:

“Nourish A Child, Shoe A Child, Bespectacled a Child, One Laptop Per Child Soldierwhich unfortunately became one thousand laptops per warlord.”

Comment: Re:Is this really helping people in 2nd or 3rd wor (Score 0) 64

by dav1dc (#44646033) Attached to:'s Slave and Helicopter-Powered Internet

These people we're talking about might be 150 miles from the nearest library with a full set of encyclopedias; for that matter, they might not even know how to read.

So they can't read books at a library, but they can read printed text on the Internet - THAT REALLY IS AN AMAZING BENEFIT AFTER ALL!! ^_^

Comment: Is this really helping people in 2nd or 3rd worlds (Score 2, Interesting) 64

by dav1dc (#44644917) Attached to:'s Slave and Helicopter-Powered Internet

The idea sounds noble, but I have to wonder if free internet access is really the "greatest good" that we could be doing for these people in 2nd or 3rd worlds??

Shore, the North Americas are tapped out in terms of new social media growth - we accept that fact.
So let's tap into a previously un-tapped world of extremely poor people in under privileged parts of the world - Genius!

But when these people likely don't have basics like clean drinking water and food - is a crippling social media addiction really going to benefit them so the FB stock price can rise a few cents??

Comment: Why Not use this instead?? (Score 1) 259

by dav1dc (#44087463) Attached to: Introducing the NSA-Proof Crypto-Font

Support your local open source project:

from their website:

"FuckTheNSA is a binary-to-text encoding and decoding tool. The encoded data is an ASCII-string, 8 times bigger than the source data, and consists purely of anti-NSA profanity. It encodes any 8-bit byte sequences."

Sooooo much funnier too.

Comment: Reading the entire article helps (Score 1) 153

by dav1dc (#43362689) Attached to: Want to Keep Messages From the Feds? Use iMessage

'Not designed to be government-proof'

Apple has disclosed little about how iMessage works, but a partial analysis sheds some light on the protocol. Matthew Green, a cryptographer and research professor at Johns Hopkins University, wrote last summer that because iMessage has "lots of moving parts," there are plenty of places where things could go wrong. Green said that Apple "may be able to substantially undercut the security of the protocol" -- by, perhaps, taking advantage of its position during the creation of the secure channel to copy a duplicate set of messages for law enforcement.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.