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Submission + - Security Companies Team Up, Take Down Chinese Hacking Group (darkreading.com)

daten writes: A coalition of security companies has hit a sophisticated hacking group in China with a heavy blow. The effort is detailed in a report released today by Novetta. The coalition, which calls itself Operation SMN, detected and cleaned up malicious code on 43,000 computers worldwide that were targeted by Axiom, an incredibly sophisticated organization that has been stealing intellectual property for more than six years. The group united as part of Microsoft's Coordinated Malware Eradication (CME) campaign against Hikit (a.k.a. Hikiti), the custom malware often used by Axiom to burrow into organizations, exfiltrate data, and evade detection, sometimes for years.

Submission + - Security vendor coalition cleans 43K malware infections used for cyberespionage (computerworld.com)

daten writes: A coalition of security vendors has disrupted the activities of a sophisticated group of attackers tied to China that, over the past six years, infiltrated the computers of many Fortune 500 companies, journalists, environmental groups, software companies, academic institutions, pro-democracy groups and government agencies around the world. So far the vendors' disruptive action called Operation SMN resulted in the removal of 43,000 instances of malicious tools installed by the Axiom attackers on compromised computers, according to a full report published Monday by Novetta, the data analytics firm that led the coalition.

Submission + - Unmanned NASA rocket explodes (cnn.com)

daten writes: An unmanned NASA rocket exploded early Tuesday evening along the eastern Virginia coast, causing a huge fireball but no apparent deaths.

According to NASA, the Orbital Sciences Corp.'s Antares rocket and Cygnus cargo spacecraft were set to launch at 6:22 p.m. ET from the Wallops Flight Facility along the Atlantic Ocean. It was set to carry some 5,000 pounds of supplies and experiments to the International Space Station.

Submission + - FBI warns industry of Chinese cyber campaign (washingtonpost.com)

daten writes: The FBI on Wednesday issued a private warning to industry that a group of highly skilled Chinese government hackers was in the midst of a long-running campaign to steal valuable data from U.S. companies and government agencies. “These state-sponsored hackers are exceedingly stealthy and agile by comparison with the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398 ... whose activity was publicly disclosed and attributed by security researchers in February 2013,” said the FBI in its alert, which referred to a Chinese military hacker unit exposed in a widely publicized report by the security firm Mandiant.

Submission + - Security vendors claim progress against Chinese group that hacked Google (computerworlduk.com)

daten writes: A group of security companies say a collaborative effort has helped counter several hacking tools used by a China-based group most known for provoking strong condemnation from Google four years ago. Novetta, which spearheaded the effort, said a comprehensive technical report on the action, called "Operation SMN," will be released on Oct. 28., although some details were released by Symantec in a blog post Tuesday. The hackers, referred to as "Hidden Lynx" by Symantec, are believed to have been behind "Operation Aurora," a famous cyberespionage campaign revealed in early 2010 that compromised as many as 20 companies.

Comment Banana Equivalent Dose of Cell Phone Radiation? (Score 4, Interesting) 258

I'm curious what the measure of cell phone radiation exposure is in bananas?

From wikipedia:

Many foods are naturally radioactive, and bananas are particularly so, due to the radioactive potassium-40 they contain. The banana equivalent dose is the radiation exposure received by eating a single banana. Radiation leaks from nuclear plants are often measured in extraordinarily small units (the picocurie, a millionth of a millionth of a curie, is typical). By comparing the exposure from these events to a banana equivalent dose, a more realistic assessment of the actual risk can sometimes be obtained.

The average radiologic profile of bananas is 3520 picocuries per kg, or roughly 520 picocuries per 150g banana. The equivalent dose for 365 bananas (one per day for a year) is 3.6 millirems.


Comment Re:Next Stop: Murder! (Score 1) 636

This is absolutely correct. In the US there are very few things you are required to tell the police and if you are a suspect of a crime it is in your best interest not to get chatty with them. You can be perfectly innocent and say things that you think are safe to say but they can still use those things against you to make you appear guilty enough to convict. You have 5th amendment rights for a reason.

It may annoy the officer but he knows the less you give him to work with, the harder his job of arresting an innocent person is going to be. No matter how wrong he is, don't argue with him and don't resist. State that you don't consent to searches and that you wish to reserve your right to remain silent. If he does place you under arrest ask for an attorney and don't answer any questions.

Comment Re:Poorly designed vehicle detectors (Score 1) 328

We need one lane for transit/commerce/utility, one lane for personal motorized transport, one for muscle powered, and one for pedestrians.

I agree that we need actual lanes for cyclists. Currently the roads are designed for cars and the sidewalks for pedestrians. This leaves the cyclists in a tough spot because no matter where they ride, they're a hazard to the lane they're trying to share. They take up too much space and move too fast for sidewalks, putting pedestrians in danger. They're too hard to see and move too slow for car lanes, causing traffic accidents.

I would love to have a safe place for cyclists to ride and I'm happy to blame urban planners, but in the meantime I'm not going to pretend that the cyclists that are trying to use the road that's not designed for them now, and get their own safe lane later, aren't the problem.

Comment Re:Fuck right off. (Score 1) 821

Why does nudity offend you? Have you thought about it? I understand Christians are told to find nudity offensive, but is that your only reason?

I find it ridiculous that people are offended by nudity. That seams about as natural as being offending by looking a tree or mountain that isn't wearing any clothes.

I understand the harm in violence but also don't believe it should be censored. Why let people pretend violence doesn't exist? If it offends them maybe they'll be motivated to lead less violent lives. Maybe they'll be less likely to join a military after highschool that only invades other countries and murders people in the name of "security".

All modern advertising seams manipulative. We can teach our children to be critical thinkers and not fall victim to advertising. Hiding it from them until their older may only make things worse.

If "mindless" means lack of critical though, you can also call it "faith". I would include Christian traditions under the label of mindless culture.
How much mindless culture could be the result of sheltered people who are subject to so much censorship and propaganda?

Comment Re:Are these available in the states? (Score 1) 207

Another reason to use WPA isn't to keep them out of your network, but to protect your privacy. WEP keys are easy to crack and you can decrypt any packet with the same key, you don't need to sniff the entire session. WPA keys are much harder to crack and (afaik) you need to sniff from the beginning of the session to decrypt any part of it.

Using WEP or no encryption at all lets your neighbors and anyone in the area (or far away with the right antenna) watch your traffic. SSL will only help you so much since they can also potentially MITM any of your connections with ARP poisoning.

Comment Re:Not sure about the hype (Score 1) 495

That's because they compensate for how the size of the theater and the glasses reduce the light and colors.

"Creative decisions involving light levels also led to additional versions. 3D projection and glasses cut down the light the viewer sees, so "Avatar" also had separate color grades at different light levels, which are measured in foot lamberts."

"If we had just sent out one version of the movie, it would have been very dark (in the larger theaters)," Barnett says. "We had a very big flow chart with all of the different steps, so we could send the right media to the right theater."


First Person Shooters (Games)

F.E.A.R. 3 Announced For This Fall 53

Warner Bros. has announced that the third game in the F.E.A.R. saga is in production and planned for release this fall. Unlike the first two games, F.E.A.R. 3 will not be developed by Monolith Productions, but by Day 1 Studios, who ported the original F.E.A.R. to the Xbox 360 and PS3. The new game is being developed for those two consoles and for Windows. "Day One is the studio behind MechAssault, MechAssault 2, and Fracture, so they've got all the mech and shooter experience one could hope for, but what about horror? Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has that covered as well, with famed horror director John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing) and 30 Days of Night writer Steve Niles acting as consultants to enhance the game's scary bits. Alma returns for the third game, but her sons, Point Man and Paxton Fettel, are the stars, both featuring unique powers to help create what the developer is calling divergent co-op, where the characters' powers affect each player's game, and not just their own."

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