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Comment: Re:40 years and I still can't solve it (Score 2) 105

by datastew (#47038709) Attached to: Rubik's Cube: 40 Years Old and Never Meant To Be a Toy

I can solve it, and I can say for sure that if you only rotate one edge piece, the whole puzzle will be unsolvable.

Back in grade school, I used to solve people's cubes for them. When I got to the point where it was solved except for the unsolvable part, it would be obvious what had happened. I would show them where they pieces or stickers had been changed and offer to change it back for them.

Comment: Re:You're holding it wrong (Score 1) 238

by datastew (#44458495) Attached to: How Did My Stratosphere Ever Get Shipped?

If it was a we-all-have-iPhones-and-you-are-the-odd-one-out situation, then the texts may be going through, or accompanied by, apple's proprietary text network, similar to the Blackberry messenger system. I seem to remember when I initially set up my jailbroken, unlocked iPhone, it was asking for my iTunes account information and said something about a separate messaging network.

Frequently, the iPhone itself decides how it wants to send your messages. It could well be that the sender's iPhone knows which contacts can receive the apple-enhanced messages. The phone then decides to just send you a regular SMS since you can't receive the apple-enhanced messages. My iPhone is on a text-and-voice plan with no cellular data and I can never tell whether my text is from someone who sent it to multiple recipients.

Comment: Re:Regarding the 'too late' part of the equation (Score 1) 184

by datastew (#42823425) Attached to: BlackBerry 10 Review: Good, But Too Late?
Hey Mods. It has been awhile since I have been on here because the conversation has been going downhill. This is one example. Your +1 bonus when you have excellent karma should be used only when you have a really excellent point. Otherwise, mod it down! Just my moderation advice. Worth as much as you paid for it.

Comment: Re:Government warnings?? (Score 1) 100

by datastew (#38586682) Attached to: Cleaning Up the Mess After a Major Hack Attack

In the second paragraph on page 4, Mr. Mandia says that over 90% of the private enterprises don't know their networks have been compromised until they learned from the FBI, DoD, or some other third party (emphasis added). However, in the last paragraph of page 5, he says that over 90% of the breaches his company responds to are first detected by the government.

The "some other third party" phrase seems more realistic to me unless he deals mostly with government agencies themselves.

Comment: Re:Hardly open source (Score 2, Interesting) 227

by datastew (#27436729) Attached to: Microsoft Open Sources ASP.NET MVC
> How so? It's accepted as a free software license not only by the OSI but by the FSF as well.

Actually this may be a bit misleading. The MS-PL is firmly on their list of "GPL-Incompatible Free Software Licenses". This means that they urge you not use this license and it is incompatible with the GNU GPL.

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