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+ - MySQL has a new release model->

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datacharmer writes: "MySQL has a new release model.

Although in the surface it seemed that MySQL, the project, was not being part of the turmoil involving its community activity, internally it was changing. Slowly, but surely and in the right direction.

Today, Tomas Ulin, Director of Engineering for the MySQL Server, announces the new model during a public MySQL University session. With this change, MySQL follows the steps of other projects that have adopted a train model for their development and releases. Features are released when they are ready, and releases are not delayed because of too many bundled features. This new agile model is more open and easy for contributors."

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+ - Can you see web advertising?->

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datacharmer writes: "Can you actually see advertising? Some people are blind to ads. They filter off ads in their brain, leaving just an indistinct noise in the page, like an ink stain. This fact could be the side effect of indirect self training, triggered by continuous usage of the web. People using the web on a daily basis don't see the advertising anymore, or don't pay any attention to it. One wonders why the advertisers bother to use these techniques. And you? Do you see web advertising?"
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