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+ - Google removes censorship from>

Submitted by data2
data2 (1382587) writes "Google has just escalated their conflict with the Chinese government by redirecting all traffic from to . The latter is not being censored in any way by the Chinese government.
They also put up a monitoring site to see which services are currently reachable from mainland china:
Finally, one of the big ones takes a stand."

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+ - Always Innovating ships Touch Book->

Submitted by
data writes "Always Innovating [] started shipping their new netbook. But this is not your average day netbook: It sports an ARM cpu and a detachable screen. (See the full specs []) We already had a report about its first demo in march. Priced at $299 for just the screen and $399 for screen and keyboard one gets 10-15h of battery life with both parts together or about five hours with just the screen. The OS is a custom linux distribution, but the producers encourage people to exchange it."
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+ - Bernstein proposes alternative to DNSSEC: DNSCurve->

Submitted by
data2 writes "Dan Berstein, know as the creator of djbdns and daemontools, has created his own proposal to improve upon the current DNS protocol. He has been opposed to DNSSEC for quite some time, but now he managed to propose something of his own: DNSCurve. He also has a comparison between the two systems. His proposal makes use of elliptic curves, as the name suggests, while DNSSEC favors RSA. For this, he uses a curve named Curve25519, which he developed by himself as well. That DNS is vulnerable in its current state has been shown before, and if his numbers are correct, this might be an alternative at which it is worth looking."
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