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Comment: Hard choices (Score 0) 322

by das3cr (#40248931) Attached to: Best Buy Chairman and Founder Resigns Ahead of Schedule

I've been burnt by BB in the past with their service. Since then I have not purchased a single item from them. Having said that they where one of my few choices. BB, Office Max and if I'm up for a drive ... Fry's.

I might have to find a local shop to start a relationship with. If I can find any with personality I like.

Comment: Re:Military vs. Civilian Justice (Score 1) 172

by das3cr (#38435434) Attached to: Tech Forensics Take Center Stage in Manning Pre-Trial

It's seperate because he is charged under the UCMJ and not under civilian law or statute. There are a lot of good reasons for this. For example. Commanders maintain good order and discipline within the ranks by administering punishments as laid out under the UCMJ. Non judicial punishments for smaller infractions and Judicial punishments for those infractions that demand it.

Comment: Re:Military vs. Civilian Justice (Score 1) 172

by das3cr (#38435326) Attached to: Tech Forensics Take Center Stage in Manning Pre-Trial

All of the evidence matters. Right now, the Art 32 hearing is just that. It's an assessing of the evidence to see if there is enough evidence to proceed with a trial. The difference being that the procedures, laws and regulations are from the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The trial will be fair. All the evidence will be considered.

Comment: Sounds great (Score 1) 230

by das3cr (#38373992) Attached to: In Nuclear Power, Size Matters

Lets just hope they aren't made in china and shipped here.

From what I hear ... the things they are having factory made and shipped into the US from china to use in the nuke plants is of dubious quality. There was a time when the US would only use items made in the US at nuke plants. They seriously need to go back to that.

Comment: That is all well and good. (Score 1) 44

by das3cr (#37014312) Attached to: DARPA Commits To Funding Useful Hacking Projects

But what is DARPA, or anyone else for that matter, about making sure chips made in china don't have bugs built in?

I /refuse/ to purchase an item that is known to me to have chips made in china because I believe it to be compromised.

How can one be sure that the hardware in the devices made there are not bugged?