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Comment Re:Circular Logic (Score 1) 121

I imagine you can always just make a new account. It's not like email addresses are in short supply, or that a person is limited to one Facebook account per lifetime.

Sometimes the bans or blocks may be at the post-level, rather than the account-level. That would allow the account with the "sanctioned" content to continue to post in other areas.

Comment Re:Tragically (Score 3, Informative) 121

I'll help out.

Here's the group description:

If you have been blocked or banned from FB for posting Kurdish or anti-Turkish material, please screenshot the image that FB sent when notifying you and post it here (you can black out your name if you want).

This group is solely for material dealing with how FB censors Kurds on behalf of Turkey and to show the world how unjust this policy is. Posts are also welcome that discuss FB censorship policy as it relates to Kurds, and discussions on how to get FB to change this unfair and discriminatory policy.

The most recent post after that is someone saying, "My submission is on the frontpage of one of the largest sites on the Internet!", followed by a link to this /. story.

It seems like slightly more than half of the posts in that group are people complaining about what's alleged in this article, and slightly less than half are people actually posting screenshots of FB moderation.

Comment Re:Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 1) 430

I'm assuming the statement of "when gas was 45 per gallon" was a typo, and the poster forgot to hit the shift key - "$5 per gallon".

But even if that's the case, I'd still be doubting the claim, as I don't think gas prices hit anywhere near $5/gallon, anywhere in the US, until Katrina.

Definitely a typo of some sort, but I don't know what was intended.

Comment Re: Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 1) 430

Admittedly I've only had a few jobs in my career (in the US), but I've always been able to negotiate salary before accepting the offer. I think this is what tompaulco was suggesting when saying, "we aren't going to tell you what the position pays until after we have decided to make you an offer." - the job announcements use the handwaving, and salary numbers aren't brought up until the company thinks it wants to hire someone. The salary is listed in the offer, negotiations can be made based on what's listed in the offer, and then the applicant can accept or decline the offer. I'm not aware of any instances where the applicant is unable to find out a salary until (and only) after accepting a job offer.

Comment Re:Curious (Score 1) 136

Do you mean you've noticed an increase in spam getting into your Inbox, or an increase of spam showing up in your spam folder?

If the latter, I've noticed it comes and goes in waves. Sometimes it'll be days between getting a single spam in my spam folder, and sometimes I'll get two or three in one day.

I want to say it's like a sine wave, but I haven't kept a record that would back up that claim.

Comment Re:Title capitalization need to die! (Score 1) 134

Not sure. Maybe (and I'm guessing here) because the title of an article could be considered the article's name, and the English language capitalizes names.

Just a guess. A quick Google search gave me the various rules for capitalizing words in titles, but not the origin of the practice.

Comment Re:Simplest explanantion is easiest (Score 1) 213

The dot in the username of the gmail address is used to create a virtual email address. anything sent to should have gone to the user that has the mail address of

Actually, I think that's only for the plus sign. The dot is just flavor that gets ignored by Gmail.

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