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Comment: Re:EA got too greedy (as usual) (Score 1) 256

Requiring steam is requiring a separate application that must be let online, that tracks your usage and purchases, and that is everything evil about "always online" except the relatively minor inconvenience of actually being required to connect.

You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Comment: Re:Conversly (Score 1) 292

by darkwing_bmf (#49220541) Attached to: Do Tech Companies Ask For Way Too Much From Job Candidates?

What about surgeons? Should they operate on their own time? Or police officers, should they go around arresting criminals on their own time? Dentists should pull teeth on their own time? Maybe managers should go to meetings on their own time. All of these people can love their jobs and not do them on their own time.

Comment: Re:Conversly (Score 1) 292

by darkwing_bmf (#49217899) Attached to: Do Tech Companies Ask For Way Too Much From Job Candidates?

Good point. If someone writes mountains of code on their own time then I won't have to pay them much to write code for me since they were going to do it for free anyway. You like to code, and this $2000 per month will more than cover your rent. This looks like a win-win for both of us! Just sign here...

Comment: Ada 2012 (Score 1) 407

If you're picking from scratch, check out Ada 2012. It has all of the power of C++ but it is a "safer" language designed to produce more reliable software (i.e. the kind that can be used in bullet trains and airplanes). While aerospace and defense are its reasons for existence, you can produce high quality desktop software as well.

Comment: Re:Time for the Arkansas Airlift (Score 1) 120

by darkwing_bmf (#49025441) Attached to: Arkansas Declares a High School CS Education State of Emergency

I call BS on your call on BS. When I was in elementary school the basic concepts of working with computers were inspiring and encouraging. Yes, even BASIC was meaningful. In order to use BASIC (and computers) effectively you had to learn about input/output, loops, branching, memory, variables and arrays. If you understood these concepts you could write your own games.

Our teacher was several steps ahead of us but he was learning new things too. This was not a bad thing as it probably made it easier for him to relate to us.

Now in theory high school should be more advanced. But this can only happen if the students had the more basic elementary education first. If not, then having a class that focused on basic concepts would still be valuable.

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein