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Comment: Re:That's retarded (Score 1) 339

by darkwhite (#28220961) Attached to: Protecting the Apollo Landing Sites From Later Landings

I can't believe your attitude regarding this story. This is archaeology at its worst. The lunar module, the plaque, the flag, whatever else should be preserved. To prevent people from visiting the site because it is somehow sacred as an archaeological artifact is bullshit. This person would have us never set foot on any site of historical significance and preserve every smallest thing associated with it.

Comment: Re:How do you explain this (Score 1) 604

by darkwhite (#27761603) Attached to: When it comes to the Swine Flu, I am ...

I'm also relying on my understanding that gene swapping, and not mutations, is responsible for the new virus variants

HGT ("gene swapping") IS mutation. You could split hairs and say that plasmid accessorizing is not mutation, but in the case of viruses that is moot because they don't have plasmids and so must mutate their genome in order to swap genes.

Comment: Re:How do you explain this (Score 2, Interesting) 604

by darkwhite (#27761563) Attached to: When it comes to the Swine Flu, I am ...

Gene transfer in unicellular organisms is well-appreicated. Gene transfer in multicellular eukaryotes is virus- and symbiont- mediated, tremendously rare compared to prokaryotes, and much less characterized because very few examples are known.

Evolution of bacteria and viruses is dominated by fundamentally different processes than that of higher eukaryotes. The "trait swapping" that you refer to is driven by HGT in prokaryotes and by sex and regulation in eukaryotes.

Comment: Re:And proper flying cars too... (Score 1) 575

by darkwhite (#27739257) Attached to: To What Age Do You Expect To Live?

Depends on what you mean by human-controllable... I'm sure it's possible to have a mandatory TCAS equivalent which will take control if a vehicle is on a collision course with traffic or terrain, or at excess speed, or about to enter a spin. The rest of the time, you could have full control of it.

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