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Comment: Re:Listen to the users before bashing (Score 1) 633

by darkjohnson (#38623712) Attached to: Another Stab At Sorting Hybrid Hype From Reality
After dealing with a couple cars built in the last 10 years, it doesn't really matter if the original owners want to keep them longer - they won't last. Why? One word, plastics. I've a 10 year old Beetle that is falling apart because the plastics are failing. I was shocked that they used plastic for the impeller for the water pump in the engine. When it failed and the engine overheated, it set off a series of other failures. Bravo VW on saving money using plastic at such a critical point. I do wonder if the 10 year car cycle will change because of the economy. I'll bet if you can put a 20 year life car out there at a decent price it would be quite popular.

Comment: Mega Please (Score 1) 220

by darkjohnson (#38410688) Attached to: YouTube Says UMG Had No 'Right' To Take Down Megaupload Video
The video itself is WAY too long for something so redundant. I find it amusing that the video has such an obvious African american flavor for an ad for a site that has a reputation for aiding in the distribution of pirated material. Almost feels racist...almost. And they spent 3 MILLION on producing THAT video?? Holy shit snacks, I would have done it for 1.

+ - Feature film shot on a smartphone to get theatrica->

Submitted by
darkjohnson writes "Facebook's former CPO Chris Kelly and Randi Zuckerberg (yes, Mark's sister) team up with an independent film maker to produce the first feature length film targeting a theatrical release and Oscar nod.

They MacGyvered together special lenses and mounts to get the footage using Nokia's N8 smartphone, clever monkeys.

Is this a gimmick to get the film noticed? Sure. Is it also a valid way to produce a feature length film? The Academy may just get to vote on that."

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+ - Nokia N8 strikes again creating 'Olive' a full len->

Submitted by darkjohnson
darkjohnson (640563) writes "People have been making short subject films with smartphones and the Nokia N8 has been one of the leading choices. Now, perhaps the for the first time a full length film shot entirely from a N8 is working its way to a theater near you.

Does this represent a trend in film making or is it just a stunt? Us half full folks think it's a trend.

And the Oscar for the best film shot from the hip goes to..."

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Comment: Mobius $trip of Love (Score 1) 917

by darkjohnson (#37773712) Attached to: US Student Loans Exceed $1 Trillion
Inflation causes education costs to rise. Students flooding the job market roll the dice and take out loans to try to improve their chances. The economy crashes, jobs are even more scarce, students delay leaving college, loans get bigger, they realize they're in deep poo and decide 'the man' and his want to be paid back on the loans is holding them down. OWS people. Don't trust anyone over 30 (which is now 40 because, it's the new 30). We need a good war to thin out their ranks, only now war is fought with expensive toys that rack up the national debt. And tomorrow the world ends - it must be Thursday.

+ - Qu8k: Above the Balloons-> 1

Submitted by
darkjohnson writes "Lately we've been inundated with 100k' balloon flights and amazing video footage from space — the flights usually taking better than an hour to achieve apogee. Derek Deville took a shortcut to 121k' using a 'home made' Q rocket motor and a ton of engineering genius.

On September 30, 2011 at 11:08am, Qu8k (pronounced "Quake") launched from the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to an altitude of 121,000' in 92 seconds before returning safely to earth.

This small documentary on the flight is probably one of the most brilliant Amateur Rocket videos out there right now."

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Resistance is Divine... (Score 1) 77

by darkjohnson (#37007468) Attached to: Autodesk + Instructables: For Makers?
Most large software companies acquire smaller development groups, that's SOP these days AND many of the smaller companies WANT it. I know I worked for a couple of start-ups that had those hopes. Some of the software acquisitions you listed saved the software from simply going away because they weren't being profitable on their own (damn that capitalism) so Autodesk saw an opportunity to keep some technologies alive. (yeah, don't be all grateful or anything) I'm sure when faced with the choice of going away or being acquired by a company that sells design software - the decision wasn't difficult in the slightest. Geeze Louise people - get over it.

Comment: The 'judge' was biased (Score 1) 302

by darkjohnson (#36485464) Attached to: Galaxy Tab 10.1 Judged 'No Match For iPad'
The ONLY valid point he makes is that the iPad has better applications - and it's a good one but he also spent a lot of time mocking the Galaxy like you would expect from an Apple fan boy. FWIW: I was excited about the iPad 2 until I read about the camera that was worse than my iPhone 4. It just soured me to the device because it felt like a deliberate move from Apple. (Save the iPhone quality camera for next rev, it'll be a crowd pleaser) I can see Jobs now touting it's amazing picture quality. Not sure why this article was worthy of the front page, I'm sure if you spent 30 seconds on Google you could find a number of other fan boys ranting about the Galaxy.

Comment: iTunes Match 'annual fee' ? (Score 2) 391

by darkjohnson (#36453458) Attached to: Music Pirates Won't Rush To iCloud For Forgiveness
As I recall this fee Apple is charging is an annual one. What happens when the year is up? (I've not found this info anywhere yet) Do they turn off access to cloud stash? Also, from what I can tell, other than the improved bit rate - it's just a convenience fee to save you time uploading your library to the cloud (if you have a large library) but that you can't (yet) stream the music from the cloud like you can Google or Amazon, it has to be downloaded back to you device. Not being that much of an audio freak, I'll just copy it directly to my device, I don't carry around my full library anyway. Unless they can convince me otherwise, this seems about as useful as MobileMe or Ping.

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