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US was created by puritans, that abhorred the tought of a naked body, yeah, I know that was long time ago, but I think its still in their collective unconcious, europeans hate violence because the main events of both world wars and several others happened there.

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by darkNeko (#44746577) Attached to: Chris Kraft Talks About The Decline of NASA
Maybe its cruel, but its the only way to advance. The projects weren't designed to fail, were designed to success, but they blew up in pieces. The cosmonauts were very concious that their job was a very dangerous one, and accepted the risks. In these endeavours, we put way too much value to human life and safety, this is about exploring and pushing frontiers, both physical and of knowledge, of course there are going to be fatalities among the way, thats why whe say "it's rocket science" for stuff that is hard to do. But as long as the people involved knows the risks involved and accept them, it's ok. Every death advances knowledge and make the next try safer for the next cosmonaut, and both the cosmonauts, and the scientist working with them, deserve my greatest respect.

+ - Amazon down->

Submitted by darkNeko
darkNeko (1238104) writes " website is down as 15:15hrs PT, returning a custom amazon made error 500 page. It has been like that for almost 30 minutes, wich means a lot of money lost to Amazon, wich joins the club with Google outage, and Microsoft own before that."
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onyxruby (118189) writes "Sony has had more than it's share of scandals and been rightly vilified by the public for a series of anti-consumer policies. A company that starts to treat their customers as the enemy tends to enter a death spiral (Circuit City etc). Sony has been having financial trouble for some time and needs to turn things around.

Sony appears to be making a sincere and earnest attempt to do exactly this with the latest PS4. The Verge covers how Sony has made the PS4 and crafted policies explicitly to make the PS4 consumer friendly to the public. They make the case that the PS4 will be superior in nearly every way by not requiring an Internet connection, not restricting used games, supporting indie developers and selling for $100 cheaper than the Xbox One."

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+ - Hacker Releases 1.7TB Treasure Trove

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mvar (1386987) writes "According to kotaku, a hacker named SuperDaeE who breached multiple gaming companies (Valve, Sony, MS to name a few) has released a 1.7TB treasure trove file for download. The file which contains source code for older titles plus development kits for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, is encrypted and SuperDaeE claims that it is his insurance in case gets arrested. Good luck with that."

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kyanite (73015) writes "With the recent news that Snowden might be extradited from Hong Kong back to the US, someone has started a petition on to have him pardoned. I, for one, believe it was his duty to leak this information that is critical for US citizens to know and should never have been secret to begin with. Leaking this "secret" information doesn't harm the country, rather it helps the country."
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by darkNeko (#42170571) Attached to: PengPod Hits Funding Goal, Plans to Ship Linux Tablet In January

Quick to judge, slow to read....

If you actually read something on their fundraising page, you'll see:

Fixed Funding means is all or nothing, if you don't reach the goal, you see nothing.
The hardware IS ALREADY COMPLETE, they didn't make it, in fact yes, it's a somewhat cheap chinese tablet. (They are chinese hadware importers).
They cannot ship by Xmas because the linux support is not complete, they just finished they fundraising, with only 23 days left for xmas, just the logistics
to deliver all tablets can take a couple weeks, even if shipped as they are, with incomplete linux support. Complete such support will take several weeks for
a team of engineers/developers, that are being paid with the funds raised.
Yes, he is developing some software, and using and modyfing other already-created-software. Such use is permited by the license, as long as he provides the
source for the modifications. It's great that some people can contribute code for free, but sometimes changes requires money. And he is telling you for what
is going to be used, completing the featureset (auto-rotation, hardware button support, camera support)
You are paying for a chinese tablet, with linux that has been tweaked to the hardware, and the code developed would be shared so others can benefit from it.
Where is the bait and switch?

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by darkNeko (#42170377) Attached to: PengPod Hits Funding Goal, Plans to Ship Linux Tablet In January

I beg to differ,

It'ts not the tablet form factor that is the problem. It's the OS and envitornment that limit yourself. You cannot develop for IOS on the ipad or iphone, you cannot easily develop for android in an android device. Those environment are pretty limited, because they are mean to work as appliances, not computers, however, the underlying hardware is a computer, and quite powerfull for what is worth.

You really don't need several gigaherz of processing power but for a couple of task, gaming and hardocore calculations, that you won't be making in a tablet, however it doesn't mean that the tablet is worthless. It has other uses, and touch interfaces are sometimes far more efficient than using a command line (Yeah, label me and heretic, burn me for my blasphemy!) This is about freedom, having new tools, trying new ways, I'm a proud linuxer and I can tell you, not everything is the command line, servers and desktop computers. I have pride in my CLI, programming and admin skills, it's good to have pride, but too much pride is a defect, if you are too prideful to try new things.

You say tablets are incompatible with linux, NOTHING is incompatible with linux, as linux is mean to be free, you can adapt it to anything if you put effort in it, thats why the joke "But, does it run linux?" will never die, people run linux on the weirdest things, toasters, fridges, embeded systems, mainframes, clocks, routers, etc.
Some of those implementations may not be appear very useful to you, but others are things that we cannot live without. And even those that are "not useful", advance the knowledge, make people think out of the box, and sometimes, just sometimes, people thinking different, doing useless things, different things, have changed the world. Yes its just a tablet, yes the current ecosystems may be closed, yes, it may not change the world, but it's a start, a step in a less transited road. Linux is not something sacred, reserved to the realm of high-computers, it a frigging OS, that is mean to be used, shared, modified, and its precisely that freedom that you preach about what gives everyone the posibility of using it as he or she wants, from toasters to mainframes.

I see a lot of hate aimed at this little tablet/project, "its not powerful enough", "lame screen resolution", "closed source gpu drivers", "a tablet is a consumer device, not a creation device", etc.

  To all people who hates, you want a powerful tablet, buy an Ipad, or a Nexus. Those are closed ecosystems you say, then create a new ecosystem, be a creator, not a consumer. You don't have the skills, time, resources?, Then shut up and stop criticizing those that are trying to make a change. You will say that is not open enough?, You mean, like, current computers, with those firmwares, drm, and secure boot?

You remind me of Sheldon Copper, "They are having fun the wrong way"

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by darkNeko (#42023111) Attached to: Dual-Booting PengPod Tablet Can Run Linux/Android
It's important because it's target as you say it's not for consumers, but for geeks. The differences are significant if you want to develop for one or the other, specially if you want to use X vs whatever android uses. You can easily port thousands of apps that use X, but those same apps are a pain to port to android. I, as profesional could use a tablet with full linux, where I can use some software does the work I need, with a simple recompile, instead of having to port it to android with several different libraries and subsystems.

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