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Comment: Re:DS Improvements a good thing (Score 2, Informative) 187

by dark42 (#29894187) Attached to: Can Nintendo Really Be Planning Another DS Variant?

What I'm most surprised about is that no one has developed a gyro/motion sensor that would fit into the advance cartridge slot to make games more Wii like.

Oh but they have...
This was a third-party accessory, and because of this only homebrew could take advantage of it. It's not mentioned in the article, but there were versions for both Slot1 and Slot2. There were several homebrew games written that took advantage of this. It seems like the company that made this went out of business unfortunately.

Comment: Re: but from cannabis (Score 1) 640

by dark42 (#29165447) Attached to: Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession

From http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/022208dnintdrugs.3a98bb0.html:

Of the $13.8 billion that Americans contributed to Mexican drug traffickers in 2004-05, about 62 percent, or $8.6 billion, comes from marijuana consumption.

So according to the article it's 62%, not 75%. Of course, 47.3% of statistics are made up on the spot.

I highly doubt anyone besides the drug pushers themselves knows exactly what the real percentage of profits from cannabis is, but there's no doubt it's significant, being the most popular illegal drug in the United States by far.

Comment: Re: but from cannabis (Score 1) 640

by dark42 (#29165323) Attached to: Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession



(These are actual experiences by people who took ibogaine. Some of these people were hardcore drug addicts, others just curious psychonauts.)

Comment: Re:Decriminalization in Light of the Drug War (Score 5, Insightful) 640

by dark42 (#29161639) Attached to: Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession

Except that most of the profits (thought to be more than 75%) that the drug cartels make are not from narcotics, but from cannabis. The only real way to seriously cripple the Mexican drug cartels and minimize the violence is to completely legalize cannabis (better yet, all soft, nonaddictive drugs) in the United States (where the vast majority of their market is in), and let the legal, taxed, free market steal the cartels' business. After all, what stoner would want to buy crappy Mexican schwag from shady dealers when he can get high-quality product from the local coffeeshop, or just grow it in his back yard?

Comment: Re:Apple Computers? (Score 1) 90

by dark42 (#28527363) Attached to: Sony Begins Shipping PCs With Green Dam In China

Apple will probably just throw the CD in with the computer sale, they are not required to install it but to at least give the customer a CD. Sure, the software will be unusable in Mac OS X but that way they're compliant with the law.
Actually I'm surprised Sony started installing it, not just diving the customer a CD.

If a 6600 used paper tape instead of core memory, it would use up tape at about 30 miles/second. -- Grishman, Assembly Language Programming