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Comment: Re:Color me unimpressed. (Score 1) 138

by darekgla (#37524468) Attached to: Rite Aid Drug Stores Offer Virtual Doc Visits
Partially, you are right, however please do not be under a delusion that most doctors know what they are doing if they can just get hold of you and have a time for the medical examination.Modern medicine is far from perfect and still very unwise.I am not that sure if the future generations will laugh our therapies like we do the ones used in the middle age. With exemption of dentists and surgeons, most fields may offer you a temporary relief but on the other hand for e.g. shorten your life or 'sell' you diabetes. Have you ever taken antibiotics ? Did you know which of the antibiotics would work for you the best at that time? ...Do not worry your doctor did not know that either unless you had an antibiogram done (which I doubt) :) .What's worse, even that, would not guarantee that was the right therapy (problem : in vivo vs in vitro) . Medicine and pharmaceuticals nowadays become too large businesses to remain honest ...

Comment: Using PC for web browsing only (Score 2) 349

by darekgla (#37284112) Attached to: Details About Raspberry Pi Foundation's $25 PC
If so many people use their PC for web browsing only, absolutely anything that is more power efficient ,portable and cheap should find its market and not only in third world countries .I saw a movie on youtube showing Quake 3 being played (and rather smoothly) on Raspberry PI, so it's not that slow.

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by darekgla (#37265004) Attached to: Turning Chinese Piracy Into Revenue
I agree with you with regards to a necessity of plan re-evaluation in China, I am sure however, most companies involved, do so constantly as this is just a standard business procedure and can't survive on competitive market without it . I can't agree, though, while we talk about piracy - this is an educational,cultural , public acceptance and expenditure priorities issue. There is very little effort focused on unlearning the bad habits. Some people will save money or look for cheaper equivalents or free alternatives rather, than just steal, whereas the others, will download it illegally ,if they just have the opportunity,are able to do so, and the risk of being caught is relatively low.

Comment: Re:awesome (Score 1) 351

by darekgla (#37264734) Attached to: Pakistan Bans Encryption
I stay in the UK and I would love to disagree with you...but being honest with myself, I just simply cannot.However, the real numbers may not be as important as it seems, and imho, it does not matter who ( whether the EU or the US ) is deeper in $hit since we both are :) . I am afraid, 'the hard reset' will have to come anyway...

A holding company is a thing where you hand an accomplice the goods while the policeman searches you.