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Comment Re:Sad state of affairs (Score 1) 81

It is a secret where I work and I'm not doing anything as spooky as the FBI or DHS. There are a good many reasons that a company don't want an employee directory publishing:

1) For people with unusual names someone can figure out where you live and target you at home where security is weaker.

2) Phishing using info from the directory to seem legit. "Hi Joe, this is Tom from shipping. Fred from accounting asked me to call you..."

3) Hacking attempts, people's usernames may well be the username part of the email address.


Comment Re:I'm sure they did not claim this... (Score 4, Insightful) 229

I was tempted to agree with you because I am a very attentive driver and have managed to survive by keeping an eye on everything that's happening and anticipating events but... you knew there was going to be a but... In thirty years of driving I have been in two accidents, both times my car was completely stationary. In the first one I was in stopped traffic when someone four or five cars back hit the queue of stopped cars at 60 mph. The front and back of my car were smashed but I was OK inside but things got progressively worse as you worked backwards towards the rear of the line. In the second occasion I stopped at a traffic light and the car behind me didn't, I had been stopped for a while when I was hit so it wasn't as though I braked hard or something. The other driver claimed to have not seen me, despite being in a bright red car stopped at a red traffic light in broad daylight. There were cars crossing the junction in front of me a stopped car to my left and right so nowhere to go.

Then again, you did write "it's very, very rare that an accident 100% absolutely can't be avoided", maybe twice in thirty years of driving almost every day counts as very, very rare.

Comment Re:Slowly (Score 2) 129

I went through one of these in August. I didn't want to and the TSA staff there gave me no option. I could have kicked up a fun but I'd stood in line for twenty minutes to get to the front and everyone behind me was well and truly pissed enough. Not to mention that my son was with me and having dad lead off in irons wasn't an image I wanted to leave behind. Also, I was on the way home after my own father's funeral.

For thirty years I was a frequent traveller, my family lives in the UK and I live in the USA. I am also a US government contractor so I flew to Europe and Asia yearly on business. Since the mid 2000's I've almost stopped flying at all. Sad really since I missed the last years of dad's life. Stupidly, despite my ticket being paid for by the US government and travelling on government business I was often selected for "extra screening", before anyone thinks "profiling" I am a white and of European descent. The whole thing just pissed me off. So don't say "didn't care enough to opt out" more like blackmailed and shamed into it.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 1) 462

So, at your suggestion I've tried saying "Play Appey Road" three times now. The first time it played Stanley Road and the last two times it said it can't find "Abby Road" in "my music". I almost threw the damned thing out of the window.

That's why I don't talk to machines, they never understand me and they invariably make me angry.

Comment Wasted a lot of my time (Score 3, Insightful) 66

So, the thing that got hit for me was 1Password. So I couldn't log into websites because 1Password wouldn't run. Fortunately I could use the synced copy on my phone and type in the passwords by hand but the whole reason for using a password manager is so that I can use passwords that are long sequences of random characters which are no fun to type by hand! I found that it was an App store problem from the Mac Rumors website. Running the App caused a box to pop up saying the App was corrupted, to delete it and re-install. So I followed the instructions and, guess what? I couldn't re-download from the App store!

This whole idea of having software that quits working based on some random policy is useless. I want software that I buy and is there when I need it. Not checking if some certificate has expired or that I paid a subscription or some other BS.

I've been using Macs since 1985, yes I use Windows and Linux too but Macs were always what I used at home because I could write a file five or ten years ago and still open it. That's fading away. Notice I wrote "what I used at home", I'm shopping around.

Comment No concept of family or shared homes. (Score 2, Interesting) 148

"In other words, TV viewing patterns will be used to serve ads to any device user who happens to be connected to the same network as the Vizio Smart TV — an obvious problem for households with a mix of say... adults and children?"

How about a house with a mix of older and younger adults. My kids (23 and 21) watch all sorts of stuff that I don't and watch a lot more TV than me so my TV, laptop or whatever device on the same network would show ads that are dominated by the tastes of my children.

Similarly how about students or other similar groups who share a house, and thereby the same IP address. The advertising would be a mishmash of varying tastes or maybe dominated by the one guy who has the TV on all day to provide "white noise" in the background.

Comment Forced rental. (Score 1) 153

Not a moment too soon. I had two rented set-top boxes that cost $20 each per month so $480 per year. They hadn't been changed in three years so that's $1440 paid. When I finally replaced them they wanted the old ones shipping back. UPS was slow delivering them due to bad weather and I got an email to the effect that if they didn't arrive within 30 day's I'd be charged $300 each of them. So $600 for three year old hardware (full of dust and stuff) that I'd already paid $1440 for! Fortunately they did arrive several days late so I didn't have to wrangle with Verizon over the charge but it's the principle of the thing.

Someone will probably point out that that is why you don't rent stuff, you pay over the odds and in the end don't own anything. I agree, but the cable companies are a monopoly you can't do anything other than rent.

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