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Puzzle Games (Games)

Lego Robot Solves Any Rubik's Cube In 12 Seconds 224

Posted by timothy
from the yes-yes-it's-not-the-world-record dept.
kkleiner writes "Cube Stormer is the latest creation from Mike Dobson, aka Robotics Solutions, and not only is it made entirely out of Legos, it can solve any 3x3 Rubik's cube in less than twelve seconds. Often it can finish in less than five! This thing looks bad-ass and is incredible to watch."

Failing Our Geniuses 815

Posted by kdawson
from the harrison-bergeron dept.
saintlupus writes "Time has an interesting article about the failure of the US educational system to properly deal with gifted students. For example, up to ten times as much money is spent nationwide on educating 'developmentally disabled' students as gifted ones. Does No Child Left Behind mean that nobody can get ahead, either?"

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