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+ - Senate Renews Warrentless Eavesdropping Act->

Submitted by electron sponge
electron sponge (1758814) writes "On Friday morning, the Senate renewed the FISA Amendments Act, which allows for warrentless electronic eavesdropping, for an additional five years. The act, which was originally passed by Congress in 2008, allows law enforcement agencies to access private communications as long as one participant in the communications could reasonably be believed to be outside the United States. This law has been the subject of a federal lawsuit, and was argued before the Supreme Court recently."
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+ - Pirate Radio Station in Florida Jams Automotive Electronics->

Submitted by titanium93
titanium93 (839011) writes "Police say a pirate radio station was broadcasting Caribbean music from an antenna placed on top of the eight-story Regents Bank building in Hollywood FL. For months, dozens of people could not use their keyless entry systems to unlock or start their cars when parked in the banks vicinity. Once the cars were towed to the dealership for repair, the problem went away."
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Comment: Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 271

by danwiz (#42191471) Attached to: Brain Disease Found In NFL Players

The weight of NFL players has been increasing steadily.

Number of players over 300 lbs:
In 1970 - 1
In 1980 - 3
In 1990 - 94
In 2000 - 301
In 2009 - 394

See a trend here? It's also creating health issues for active players and retired players, and is causing a shorter lifespan. This isn't your grandfather's game of fast players with leather helmets and no padding. This is a game of fat men in hard plastic armor doing a lot of blocking.

It's simple physics. F = m * a. It's a lot easier for a players to increase their weight by 50%, than it is for them to increase their speed by 50%.

Regardless of a high brain injury risk, such sports will still be attractive because:
It's a chance for poorer students to get to college.
It's a highly publicized sport, with a large fan base.
Every player you see on the NFL field is a millionaire, and is semi-famous.

Comment: Re:Tweedledee won ! (Score 1) 1576

by danwiz (#41907965) Attached to: Barack Obama Retains US Presidency

I've paid attention to what they've said and, in theory, that should be the same what they do.

If you compare what they've actually said, Obama and Romney look shockingly the same on MANY issues:
Romney Vs Obama - Same Issues, Same Answers!

So why would we expect progress?
Meet the new boss - same as the old boss ...

Comment: Re:I'd prefer... (Score 1) 89

The other country has a dictator you despise? Don't mess there, it isn't your problem. It has a dictator you like who's going to be overthrown? Don't mess there, it isn't your problem. There are troops marching into your borders. Oh, now you go and mess there.

How hard can that be?

I'm all for letting countries stay to themselves, but why does a dictator need to step on your lawn before he gets a response? Didn't most of Europe take that stance during WWII?

Germany annexed Austria, violating the Treaty of Versailles and St. Germain ... no response.
Germany invaded Czechoslovakia ... no response.
Italy conquered Albania ... no response.
Germany attacked Poland ... finally a response! (and 6 years of world war)

Comment: Genes perhaps? (Score 5, Informative) 279

by danwiz (#39593475) Attached to: MPAA Chief Dodd Hints At Talks To Revive SOPA

Senator Thomas J. Dodd Memorial Stadium is a minor league baseball stadium in Connecticut. It was named after a Senator who was censured in 1967 for converting campaign funds to his personal accounts and spending the money.

That's Christopher Dodd's father. And the memorial stadium was built in 1995 during Chris Dodd's tenure as a Senator. Senator Chris Dodd has had his share of scandals too.

Something about apples not falling too far from the tree comes to mind.

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue