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Comment: Re:Why not nitrous oxide, instead? (Score 1) 590

Yes, those death were not from N2O but from lack of oxygen (as the abstract clearly states). It turns out not breathing oxygen is really bad for you. I don't think anyone has ever died directly from N2O, unless a cylinder fell on them. (but to address the original comment, N2O should be just as effective as N2 for killing people, as would helium or any other inert gas, because it is the lack of oxygen that kills)

Comment: Re: Should use liquid (Score 1) 590

Fabric plus liquid nitrogen is a bad combination. You can safely dip you hand in liquid nitrogen (briefly) (assuming no rings, gloves, or other items on you hands) because it has low specific heat and your body heat quickly evaporates it to form a layer of air around your hand. Spill a little on your clothes and you will instantly get frost bite.

Comment: Re:Not a surprise (Score 1) 250

by danlip (#49433495) Attached to: Verdict Reached In Boston Bombing Trial

The defense never tried to claim innocence. This trial was never about anything other than life in prison versus death penalty. It's a waste of taxpayer money since they certainly could have avoided trial and gotten a guilty plea with life in prison if they had taken the death penalty off the table. Plus you don't want to make martyrs - life in prison is much less glorious.

Comment: Re:Tabs vs Spaces (Score 1) 428

by danlip (#49431003) Attached to: Stack Overflow 2015 Developer Survey Reveals Coder Stats

And then there's Python ...

Indeed there is, but that is a good reason not to use python, and has nothing to do with whether tabs or spaces are better (also there are better reasons not to use python, I hate to harp on whitespace sensitivity because it's definitely not the worst thing about the language).

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