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Comment: Re:That will be amusing (Score 1) 262

by danlip (#49339757) Attached to: RadioShack Puts Customer Data Up For Sale In Bankruptcy Auction

The clerks don't care, and why should they? But I believe the computer was setup so it was truly impossible for them to complete a sale without entering something. I've seen them make up a name and address when I refuse to give them one.

I avoided Radio Shack because of that policy, as did many others. I'm sure it's one of the reasons they went out of business. At least I hope it is - it serves them right.

Comment: Re:Check their work or check the summary? (Score 1) 482

by danlip (#49337079) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

But they are in a loop, so what's your point?

And to be more pedantic, I don't think "+" is ever faster in Java, it gets expanded to StringBuilder at compile time. "+" is more readable and not slower if you can do it all in one statement. If spread out across control statements (if/else or loops) then use StringBuilder.

Comment: Re:Check their work or check the summary? (Score 5, Interesting) 482

by danlip (#49336511) Attached to: No, It's Not Always Quicker To Do Things In Memory

The language is not the problem, the code is terrible. They did String concatenation in the most expensive way possible. I'm pretty sure if you used a pre-sized StringBuilder it would be faster in memory.

They also make some very novice benchmarking mistakes.

This is actually a pretty good interview problem. Anyone who writes code like that should not be hired, even for a junior position.

Comment: Re:Hmm.. so? (Score 1) 178

by danlip (#49216127) Attached to: MH370 Beacon Battery May Have Been Expired

At best this raises the suspicion that somebody in the chain of responsibility for maintenance and/or flight assignment may have been involved. (How do they decide which plane flies which route?)

If someone from the maintenance team was involved in a conspiracy to take down the plane I really doubt they would've recorded the evidence in the maintenance logs.

Comment: Re:blu rays are cheaper than the movie (Score 1) 400

by danlip (#48719083) Attached to: Box Office 2014: Moviegoing Hits Two-Decade Low

They don't make any money if you don't show up. Gouging your customers pisses them off and they will go away if there is any alternative, and in this case there is. If they were smart (they're not) they'd make concessions cheaper, and it would increase attendance and therefore profit.

Comment: Re:Publicity stunt (Score 1) 221

by danlip (#48635281) Attached to: Hackers' Shutdown of 'The Interview' Confirms Coding Is a Superpower

my prediction: in two weeks they'll announce that they've changed their mind, supposedly under pressure from the people advocating for freedom of artistic expression, but really because it's a publicity stunt to drive up sales. There may even be a theatrical release. If they had released it in December they would have had a flop on their hands, because it's a bad movie (one reviewer said it was "about as funny as a communist food shortage, and just as protracted") and it would be competing with the other Christmas movies. Add the controversy and a January release and they may just make money off it.

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