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Comment: Re:Distasteful stuff, but should not be illegal (Score 2) 452

by danlip (#48190219) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK

In a cross-culture study it's going to be very hard to adjust for rates of molestation versus rates of reporting or prosecution.

IQ differences also point towards implies control. The LA Times article does mention this. So IQ might have no correlation with the desire, only with the behavior (or with getting caught). It also says "Not all pedophiles molest children. Nor are all child molesters pedophiles. Studies show that about half of all molesters are not sexually attracted to their victims." For that half I don't imagine that access to porn would help the problem.

Comment: Re:Prison population (Score 1) 407

by danlip (#48169707) Attached to: As Prison Population Sinks, Jails Are a Steal

That sounds like you are claiming that black and hispanic populations are fundamentally more criminal, regardless of all other factors.

Finland has lower crime because they have less poverty, and they have less poverty because of their policies, not some Finish magic. We could do the same thing, we just choose not to.

Also the drop in US crime could be due to any number of factors. It may have nothing at all to do with tough-on-crime policies. Lead pollution correlates well with crime rates (and yes, correlation is not causation, but it often indicates causation).

Comment: Re:Apparently (Score 1) 212

by danlip (#48150433) Attached to: Microsoft, Facebook Declare European Kids Clueless About Coding, Too

Learning to code is learning logic and critical thinking skills, which everyone needs. And it gives an understanding of computers that you can't get from a class where you just memorize terms like client, server, network, etc. And that barista may one day be sitting on a jury judging a technical case.

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by danlip (#47947577) Attached to: Inside Shenzen's Grey-Market iPhone Mall

in the US about 3 years ago it was easy to find a guy on craigslist with a mobile iPhone repair service - they drive to you and repair it in the back of their van while you wait. Clearly a low budget single person operation, but I had no reason to believe he was using stolen parts or anything else dodgy. Repaired a broken screen and got several more years of good use out of the phone. I assume such services still exist, plus many small shops offering repairs.

Comment: Re:Working in Tech - or DOING Tech? (Score 1) 392

by danlip (#47919957) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Any Place For Liberal Arts Degrees In Tech?

I don't need a lib arts degree to write well documented code. I need a good technical understanding of the code and an understanding of what difficulties the next person who comes along will have reading the code - and understanding that I have acquired from lots of experienced reading other peoples code. And a desire to do a good job - I can't emphasize that last point enough.

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