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Comment Re:AT&T's Fault? (Score 4, Insightful) 265

Maybe they did, but the phones turned off didn't get billed so they're not mentioned?

From the provider's point of view it is pretty easy to determine if a phone was actually on or not, so if you're going to overbill it's probably wise to overbill phones that were actually turned on...

Comment Re:So how is a 16 year old report news? (Score 2) 473

Or perhaps he knew exactly what he was doing?

Tai: So as you can see I used this method to calculate the surface underneath the graph, and as you can clearly see the results show that....
Fellow MD1: Wait, what method? That looks pretty sciency!
Fellow MD2: Cool method, did you think of it yourself?
Tai: Huh, I just calculated the surface underneath the graph, it's basic calculus you know?
Fellow MD1: Calculus schmalculus, did you think of publishing your method
Fellow MD2: Yeah you should totally publish this! Call it Tai's method or something, it's awesome!
Tai: I guess...
137 citations-> Profit!!!!!!!

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