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Comment Re:IoT (Score 1) 59

gonna be fun then,
for we'll have to root the fridge, the smart bulbs, the smoke detectors, each of them or we cannot change the hosts file.
Now with evry downloaded firmware update your lightbulbs (each of them) go into blinking mode and, since they are rooted and cannot install the update silently, you have to address and fastboot them, one by one, and then re-root, and then reinstall the edited hosts file, and reboot the bulb.
Possible, but not feasable

Comment Re:IoT (Score 1) 59

was'nt it the smart tv which sends a live stream of the living room to servers in Korea?
Now of course the IT guys there will do the same thing Snowden reported of the NSA folks, sharing the best among themselves. Sooner or later those find their way to a tumblr of xhamster, posted from there to your fav pr0n chat and that's how you get to lnow your wife's lovers.
And vice versa.
In the long run this will void a lot of hyprocisy

Comment Like it would matter much (Score 1) 170

If a key which is in the hands of a company (Apple, Huawei, ...) is your only line of defence WRT the security/privacy of content you supply or save, then you should regard this content to be public and open for preying eyes already. I think it is called "trusted" in that negative, military sense.
Just like email sent to a account or company secrets in an office365 account. Your grandma and neighbour won't get there, police/law enforcement will have sever problems. But 3LetterAgencies of many governments will read it if they want to.

Comment Re:no (Score 1) 272

I installed the technical preview into a virtual machine but then I forgot about it and never started the thing for all these months. I'l probably 'upgrade' one of the win7 vm but I'm not in a hurry.

I think I will celebrate the big day in my own way, about time to upgrade KDE 4 to KDE5...

Comment Re:The sad destruction of Slashdot (Score 1) 45

I'm dismayed at how much Dice cares so little for its legacy audience. It's long time readers and the community here that allows no BS to go unchecked. Beta was so big and fucking ugly it was easy for those with soul to largely rebel and reject it. Where's Beta now? They pretty much gave up. But now with the hideous changing of comment counts and remove of the original "read more" link layout, the sign has been posted. Dice and its soulless corporate minions intend to slowly take shots here and there, little by little. Slowly they will destroy this venerable, classic old home to many on the web. And it's just a GOD DAMN SHAME.

removing the well mknown "read more" link from the bottom of the news item and instead creating a grotesquely large #-of-comments counter next to the heading is counter-intuitive and bad interface design.

I read the heading, if it anyhow interests me I read the summary and if I still feel interested I go for the "read more". This is top-down and the old design ws in harmony with it. Now I'm forced to go back again and click the link on the opposite end of the entry. This design interrupts the "natural flow" of eyeball and mouse-pointer movements and actually results in dimished clicks.

I guess some marketing droids decided to try and give /. more of an 2.0 appearance in the hope of attracting new (younger, more consume-oriented) readers and raise income froms ads. But destroying the usability of the site does not attract new users, it alienates the current users instead. If dice want to bring slashdot to the presence they should add features this site has ignored for much to long:

Too geekish? Think again! FB does all of those and look how many clicks they net in...

Comment Re:Car analogy? (Score 1) 67

You may remember the bit in The Hitchikers Guide about London based designers driving their Porsche against a tree with their leather jacket strapped at the front of the car to give it the perfect pattern of lines and that air of being-used-fullness.
TFA describes what is the analogy of doing this with 1000 Porsches on the same leather jacket and later read the license plates of each of them within 100 nanoseconds from the scratches in the jacket.

Comment Re:WindOwS X (Score 3, Insightful) 154

The PC won the computer wars years before the Mac came out, since it had the magic initials on it (IBM). It never lost its dominance in market share, although it became clear over time that the dominance actually belonged to the OS (PC-DOS, then MS-DOS).

The PC won the computer wars over Apple because IBM did not care to hunt down or even hinder clones while Apple did.
There was an evolving cloners scene in Taiwan and environs eager to try their (re)engineering skills with the Apple II but Cuppertino scared them away.
Enter IBM with that PC box and the cloners switch horses, meet no resistance and succeed to create a world standard almost immediately.
IBM wins, cloners win, consumers win, world economy had a new cycle to run through and IP evangelists decided to wait a decade or two before organizing the roll back.

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