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Journal: Transferral.

Journal by daniel.waterfield

Attempting to transfer out from my current, close to home University for the next academic year. Only able to do this now my CFS/ME has calmed down. However, problems arising through the increase applications seen this year. I blame Mandy for reducing University funding. Well, that and the fact I'm applying to transfer into the English department, yes, humanities, yes I know I know, Starbucks job inc after graduation, which is one of the most highly sought after departments.
Eh, per aspera ad astra.

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Journal: Crap week

Journal by daniel.waterfield
Crap week. Beaten up 3 times on monday. Thursday was ok, accepted to do IB. Thurday night not, danger of suspension for misuse of college internet system, well forums, teach me to flame people won't it? Seems everyone else can use a plethora of strong words while i, when only using one gets bollocked. Today i found out that the girl i have really liked for months has known about it, and thus has no interest in me other than a friend. great. Hope i die by this time next week

It is much harder to find a job than to keep one.