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Journal: Transferral.

Journal by daniel.waterfield

Attempting to transfer out from my current, close to home University for the next academic year. Only able to do this now my CFS/ME has calmed down. However, problems arising through the increase applications seen this year. I blame Mandy for reducing University funding. Well, that and the fact I'm applying to transfer into the English department, yes, humanities, yes I know I know, Starbucks job inc after graduation, which is one of the most highly sought after departments.
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Comment: Exposure. (Score 1) 423

by daniel.waterfield (#30306226) Attached to: I know X people with diagnosed H1N1 flu, where X is:
The experience of it amongst people I know has differed greatly. I've had it, was very ill for 3 days, then mildly ill for two weeks. Others I know that have had it have been barely affected beyond a sniffle. Meanwhile, exposure is tricky. I've been around numerous diagnosed people for weeks and not caught it. The time I ended up catching it was when I was out of the country (from Uk, went to Italy)

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