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Comment: Shotgun's real (Score 1) 1141

by dangineer (#33648710) Attached to: Hunters Shot Down Google Fiber
I work for a fiber optic cable company as a design engineer, there is a specific test that calls out hitting a cable with a certain shotgun load from a certain distance just to address this issue. I don't think it is a FOTP, maybe JIS, but the guys in the lab that used to do the testing really enjoyed it.

+ - Web Delivery of Content with Expiration?

Submitted by dangineer
dangineer (687802) writes "Long time reader, first time questioner.

I have a demand for delivery of web content, mostly flash presentation to a paying audience. I need to deliver through the web and have considered writing my own php/MySQL application for doing this, have done some low level stuff like this in the past with good success. But, after reading all the SQL injection attack stories etc. I am convinced that the jackleg applications I have written in the past are not primetime ready for delivering something with the upmost reliability.

Having bought docs online from standards orgs and other places I see they use delivery through obscurity with some expiring URL with a long random string. My options are to manually generate the string, load the content to the string directory, delete directory in 30 days or whatever...but is there a better way? Something safe in the GPL CMS space for this?

P.S. I am poor."

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