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Comment: Re:After almost 20 years (Score 1) 514

by dancingmilk (#33126176) Attached to: Android Outsells iPhone In Last 6 Months

Why does that matter? If they are buying Android because it has an awesome GUI... so what? They are still buying Android.

Who cares if they are buying it for being Linux? They are buying it because it is the superior product, which is all that matters. I'm a geek and I bought my Android phone because it was the best option. The "Hey my phone runs linux!" bit is an afterthought.

Comment: Re:Ah the joys... (Score 1) 551

by dancingmilk (#33124820) Attached to: The Recovery Disc Rip-Off

Depends where you go. I've gone to shops and asked to be allowed to use a PC with my Linux distro for an hour to make sure the hardware detects properly and whatnot. They took me to their back room and let me go to town (A tech supervised me to make sure I didn't steal anything).

It's worth noting that this was for my parents computer. I would never be silly enough to buy my personal machine at a store.

P.S - Checked that link in your sig. As an FYI, half the apps on your list are working for me under Wine on a x64 machine. It'll come, eventually.

Comment: Re:Actually.. (Score 1) 438

by dancingmilk (#33082808) Attached to: Sometimes It's OK To Steal My Games

That's my bad! I didn't know they forced you to reconnect since I haven't used it for 30 days yet. Figures.

I agree, that is a poor decision on Blizzard's part. Once I authenticate once I should be free to play the game offline as much as I want. Its not the end of the world, but they are beginning to go down a slippery slope...

Comment: Why not just open your own business then? (Score 1) 1018

by dancingmilk (#33081926) Attached to: High-Frequency Programmers Revolt Over Pay

If you are so unhappy with your current salary, then quit and stop letting your boss milk you for money. Use your coding knowledge to make the coin for yourself.

If I coded something that made $100,000 a day while only getting paid $150,000 a year... well I'm sure any coder worth their salt can figure out that math....

Comment: Re:Actually.. (Score 0, Troll) 438

by dancingmilk (#33081364) Attached to: Sometimes It's OK To Steal My Games

You need to authenticate with ONCE. After that, the game can be played offline as much as you want.

Asking to verify once is the same as having to enter a CD key. Network authentication is the CD key of the future. Get used to it.

Also as previously mentioned by others, Blizzard's network didn't collapse under strain. Me and my network of friends have been playing more or less constantly since release with no issues.

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