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Comment Re:Climate science, consistently misleading (Score 1) 303

and the best mitigation policy is to resign Boston, Florida and the Kiribati islands to the sea and just let people move to higher ground.

That's a plan however it may be cheaper to lower CO2 emissions instead. Many reports, such as the one by Citigroup recently, claims that it is the case.

Comment Re:Climate science, consistently misleading (Score 1) 303

But there is no consensus on what the level of warming will be

You are right on this. There is no consensus on whether it will be bad or very bad.

nor is there consensus on the idea that the changes are harmful/damaging to our interests

If by "our interests" you mean the human race as a world, then you are wrong. The changes are definitely damaging, as a whole, even tough some individuals will obviously benefit.

or the planet

On the contrary, there is a consensus that the planet will be just fine with or without global warming, and with or without humans or even life. But that was never the question.

or that an urgent mitigation based policy framework is needed

This part is no longer the scientific debate but the political one. Obviously, there is no scientific consensus on politics, and there will never be.

. There is an enormous amount of disagreement here, scientific disagreement, as there should be because honest truth is we do not know what impacts are likely to be

We don't know. We expect. With the current sate of science, we expect that the Earth will not explode tomorrow. Therefore it is rational to live as if the Earth won't explode. However, we also expect that the Earth will be warmer because of human activity. The rational way to live is not to do nothing until we precisely know if the Earth will warm by 1 or 3 or 5 degrees. It is to lower our emissions to avoid part of the warming. If in 5 or 10 years new scientific studies prove us wrong, then fine, we will just have to start polluting again.

Climate science discussion is so slippery, constantly confusing, conflating and switching in utterly different subjects of discussion. The most generous critique I can muster is that this is at very best, chronic intellectual sloppiness/laziness. And people wring their hands and lament on the lack of trust....

That sir, is the usual excuse for not doing anything. The debate is slippery, so let's not do anything. The debate is slippery mainly because there are still a lot of deniers, not because it isn't interesting.

Comment Re:Never understand jailbreaking an Apple iOS devi (Score 1) 213

You don't run apps on a blue-ray player. Well, I suppose some "smart" ones do. And I never said it wasn't a walled garden. But it's nowhere near Apple-level of vendor lock-in without the possibility of paying for software/media that can only be used on their hardware.

Also, you need to compare to the competition in the market. Apple's competition in the smartphone market is much more open. All blue-ray players are closed (although they all play blu-rays from every company just fine and no Samsung or LG-specific movie exists). And finally, switching to another brand of blu-ray player is much easier than switching out of Apple's ecosystem.

Comment Re:Not unlimited. 7GB (Score 1) 331

I wasn't talking about supporting multiple APN specifically. APN may exist for legacy protocols such as MMS.
I was talking about the support for phone-level data segregation based on device source. There is no need for it. Users never asked for this "functionality". The only reason it exists is because they pander to the carriers who don't care about net neutrality. The phone would work just fine by sending both phone and tethering data through the same pipe, as it's being done on Bell and I am sure many other carriers.

Comment Re:Not unlimited. 7GB (Score 1) 331

Funny since my carrier is doing just fine with a single APN configured on my phone.
And no, your explanation is not good enough. Not even close.
Even if T-Mobile supports 3 or even hundreds of differents APN, there is no technical reason for them to force its users to use different APN for phone and tethering data. Or at least, if there is one, you didn't present it in this thread.

Comment Re:Not unlimited. 7GB (Score 1) 331

I've given accurate information and done my best to correct your inaccuracies; not for your benefit, but for the benefit of anyone else who may read your incorrect statements.

Your infinite wisdom aside, why would anyone trust your "accurate" information when you still fails to explain any valid technical reason for segregating traffic on today's smartphones? Instead you repeated 5 times the same non-argument.

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