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Comment Re:Not just Windows Phone (Score 1) 455

Maybe. But then it will become a business-only phone maker. Those CIA guys with Blackberries will carry two phones, a Blackberry, which suck but is forced to them by their employer, and their own phone, for all other purposes. Every time they have to go back to their blackberry, they will think "if only it was as good as my Android/iPhone".

Comment Re:Who will be in control? (Score 1) 183

Except it hasn't happened that way.

What makes you think so? Doesn't the US have more TLD than other countries?
And anyways, ever heard of prevention? We want to make sure shit won't happen in the future because the US would have to power to do so.

The Internet is here and operates in a manner in which everyone is trying to protect. So, what is the solution to protecting it? Change how it has worked.
    In other words, fix something not broken.

You are making a fallacy here. Getting the control of the internet out of the US is not about "protecting" it. It's a matter of independence and national security. Other countries can't rely on a single country for this critical task.

Comment Re:Media bias and misrepresentations (Score 1) 138

(*) I'm referring to American politics, but it probably applies in other places, such as Canada, the UK, and Australia.

No it doesn't. The US has unlimited corporate spending in elections. In Canada it's $0. That's right, corporations can't fund politicians. Only people can, and there is a very low maximum amount. That's why we don't have as much climate change deniers within our political elite.

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