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Comment: I feel betrayed. (Score 1) 422

by dan2550 (#39031601) Attached to: White House Wants Devastating Cuts To NASA's Mars Exploration
This was not the candidate I voted for and certainly not the one I will vote for next election. For a man who ran on the promise of hope and change, I expected more. The space race was a huge factor in the technological revolution and gave hope to so many Americans when nuclear war seemed more of a matter of when than a matter of if. We need that same hope today. I desperately wish I could be proud to be American again.

Comment: Re:Danger, Will Robinson (Score 1) 375

by dan2550 (#38479686) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Inexpensive VPS Provider?
I just moved to FDC (for colo, not vps) and they have been really fast in the tickets I've opened. I'm a little disappointed that they don't offer *any* DoS mitigation, but even on weekends they are really quick to respond. They even gave me the numbe for their NOC so I can call them directly if I need a reboot.

Comment: Xen (Score 1) 417

by dan2550 (#37949832) Attached to: VMware, a Falling Giant?
I recently built a new server and decided to go with Xen using HVM. Although this is mainly a personal project, I can't really see the point in purchasing closed source software when the open source alternatives support everything I need and more. I admittedly am pretty new to this game but what advantages can I get from VMware when Xen runs a VPS totally seamlessly?

Blood Vessel Shunt May Save Limbs In War 157

Posted by kdawson
from the leg-to-stand-on dept.
The FDA has just approved for military use a shunt that allows partially-severed limbs to continue to get circulation. The FDA approved the device in a fast-track process lasting only a week. The article notes: "For most, it won't be a matter of saving a limb outright but rather salvaging the quality of a wounded leg or arm... The shunt may save injured limbs from amputation, since it can be implanted on the battlefield to maintain blood flow until a wounded soldier undergoes surgery, FDA officials said. Since the start of the Iraq war, more than 500 soldiers have lost limbs, many to injuries suffered in roadside bombings."

Journal: The math behind "beer goggles" 2

Journal by tomhudson

Researchers at Manchester University, among others, have discovered a mathematical formula for calculating the "beer goggles effect" (where people look more attractive after a few beers).

The factors are: how drunk you are, how dark the room is, your eye-sight, the amount of smoke in the air, and how far you are from your "target" (which also explains all those "good from far but far from good" sightings).


MS Seeks Patent For Repossessing School Computers 299

Posted by kdawson
from the what-were-they-thinking dept.
theodp writes "Microsoft has applied for a patent for 'securely providing advertising subsidized computer usage.' The application describes how face-recognition webcams and CAPTCHAs can be used in schools to ensure that computer users are paying attention to ads, and the recourse of 'disabling or even repossessing the computer' if they are not."

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