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Comment: No plans (Score 0) 88

by damicatz (#49022949) Attached to: Google Chrome Will Adopt HTTP/2 In the Coming Weeks, Drop SPDY Support

I have no plans to adopt HTTP/2. The mandatory fauxcryption (as implemented in the browsers) is a dealbreaker. Certificates are nothing but a scam and they certainly aren't trustworthy since the CAs are subject to the whims of cybercriminals and governments. All this does is increase the barrier to entry for having your own webpage.

Comment: Re:This will work great.. (Score 1) 323

They will simply reinterpret the law to allow them to do whatever they do. The Supreme Court has being doing that for over 200 years. That is the fatal flaw of the Constitution; the people it is supposed to limit are those who are in charge of interpreting those limits.

Comment: Re:islam (Score 5, Insightful) 1350

by damicatz (#48754539) Attached to: Gunmen Kill 12, Wound 7 At French Magazine HQ

The crusades happened hundreds of years ago. It is no longer relevant today. Islamist violence, on the other hand, has been going on since the founding of that religion and continues to this day. More people are beaten, maimed, mutilated, raped, and murdered in the name of allah every single day than all other religions combined.

Comment: Re: Moral Imperialism (Score 3, Insightful) 475

by damicatz (#48188539) Attached to: Manga Images Depicting Children Lead to Conviction in UK

The bill of rights is a myth. The very people who they are supposed to limit are the ones in charge of interpreting said limits. As soon as the supreme court gave itself the power of judicial review (despite no such power existing in the constitution), it was over. The US constitution was an interesting experiment, but it failed.

Comment: Re:If I own the car (Score 1) 269

by damicatz (#48003131) Attached to: 2015 Corvette Valet Mode Recorder Illegal In Some States

It depends on the contract I enter with the hotel. If I book a hotel room without a contractual guarantee of privacy, then I have no expectation of privacy because it is not my property. If I book with a contractual guarantee of privacy and they violate that, then they have committed fraud by taking my money and not fulfilling their end of the contract.

Comment: Liberal Thought-Police (Score 0) 1134

by damicatz (#47828649) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

I'm getting tired of these indie hipsters and their SJW bullshit infiltrating the video game world. Anita Sarkeesian is not a video gamer. Zoe Quinn is not a game designer (no, a point-and-click webpage is not a damn video game). There is no "rampant" misogyny (which is defined as dislike for, or contempt for, women). There however, is rampant misandry coming from outsiders.

I'm also getting tired of video game websites and so called "journalists" who are more interested in spouting off moon-battery then actually reviewing games (e.g. Rock Paper Gloria Steinem with resident moonbat John Walker, Kotaku with resident moonbat Patricia Hernandez (

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