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Comment Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 886

Discrimination based on behavior is the primary way in which society regulates itself. Person works for the wrong company? Discriminate away. Same if they wear the wrong clothes, or print hate literature. Problems start when you discriminate against someone because of traits inherent to that person, rather than what they do. This is because things like race and gender and sexual orientation are immutable and central to who a person is.

Comment Re:Yay Canada! (Score 1) 231

The courts don't write laws (at least not in Canada), and this case is no exception. When the courts strike down laws, they give legislatures a set amount of time to re-write the law such that it complies with the Constitution. In the meantime, the old law stands for up to one year. So no, you can't just randomly walk into a doctors office and demand that they put you down as you suggested.

Comment Re:Simpson's did it!!! (Score 2) 163

What exactly is it that you think atheists believe? Atheism is when you lack a belief in God, nothing to do with souls or consciousness or personal identity. And none of these things have anything to do with this crude take on 'teleportation'.

Regardless of what happens on the other end of the machine, if you physically destroy the body of a living thing then it will die. It will experience exactly the same things that it would if you killed it and then did not make a copy.

Comment Re:Holy Carp! (Score 2) 136

It's a prisoner's dilemma. Every player in the market has the choice to either improve waste disposal (cooperate) or not (defect). If everyone cooperates, then society as a whole wins, but the price of antibiotics go up across the board. However, if anyone defects, then they drive all those cooperating out of the market with lower prices. This is a perfect example of how government regulation (forced cooperation) can solve this type of dilemma.

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