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Comment: Wired or bust! (Score 1) 279

You have yet to move into your house. Stop making excuses and run Ethernet. Even if it isn't an in-wall installation (though I absolutely highly recommend it, it *will* add value to your house), since you have no furniture to move, run cords along baseboards and do it the right way so any future home owners won't think you did a crappy job. Man/woman up and get it done.

Comment: Re: Doesn't really matter! (Score 4, Interesting) 316

by dagamer34 (#48006547) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Swift Or Objective-C As New iOS Developer's 1st Language?
Ditto. Because learning the framework takes a LOT longer than learning the language and the fact that the framework was designed with Objective-C in mind, it is foolish to think that you will be able to write a pure Swift iOS app without knowing Objective-C anyway because there isn't enough Swift material out there for Google to find to solve your problems. And unless you *really* enjoy solving those problems on your own, you'd need to convert an Objective-C solution to a Swift one on your own, at which point you are basically learning both languages anyway. So I would say all new iOS developers need to learn Objective-C because writing a Swift-only app would be too painful otherwise. This all changes when The Big Nerd Ranch puts out a Swift book, but there's no indication that is anytime soon.

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by dagamer34 (#47020245) Attached to: AMD Preparing To Give Intel a Run For Its Money
It wasn't that surprising that AMD was king around 2003-2004, the problem was that Intel was playing very dirty, signing deals with OEMs like Dell to specifically NOT use AMD chips. The fines Intel got from the EU are never going to do as much to help AMD as actually gaining more profits during that period (and who knows, they may not have sold their mobile Radeon group to Qualcomm in an effort to raise cash). It's the domino effect of unknowns that hurts the most.

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by dagamer34 (#43456925) Attached to: Ouya Performance Not Particularly Exciting
The raw part cost of a smartphone SoC is a tiny portion of the bill of materials (BOM), maybe 10-15%. CPU is maybe $30 at the very high end? So for a box like the OUYA where the CPU is probably the biggest cost and they don't have to worry about a display, camera, battery, cellular radios, or massive amounts of storage, they probably could have sprung for a Snapdragon 600 or Tegra 4. Only thing is it would have delayed the product by 6 months since those chips are in high demand from smartphone OEMs. Take a look at this cost breakdown analysis of the GS4: $236 worth of parts selling for $699 just shows you how things are roughly priced (granted, MSRP - BOM != profit, but Samsung is in a pretty good position). Also you'll learn the biggest conspiracy of smartphones ever: it does NOT cost $100 to go from 16GB NAND to 32GB, or 32->64, or 64->128.

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by dagamer34 (#43062247) Attached to: Did Steve Jobs Pick the Wrong Tablet Size?
Back when the first iPad was released, even a 4.3" phone was considered extremely large, so a 7-8" tablet would have still been significantly larger than phones of the time. And your point is weakened by the fact that larger screen phones exist today and people are still clamoring for smaller tablets. Besides the iPad, there isn't a single, truly successful 10" tablet, but there are several, well-selling 7" ones.

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by dagamer34 (#42900639) Attached to: Google Store Sends User Information To App Developers
If this were the iOS or Windows Phone stores, then yes, that would be true. But with Google Play, the developer actually IS the merchant. The Play Store itself is only an intermediary. The system is setup like any other online store where there are "ordered" and goods are "shipped". Blame the fact that Google basically grafted the paid Android store onto a system that was meant for real-world goods. Honestly though, this isn't news. Every Android developer has known this for YEARS. And this is no different than any other online store out there.

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by dagamer34 (#42772029) Attached to: Next-Gen Console Wars Will Soon Begin In Earnest
If Microsoft wants to make the ultimate entertainment device, it's going to have a Bluray drive. I don't think it has anything to do with "sucking up pride", it's simply impractical to ship a new console with a DVD drive in 2013, and using some proprietary format is just plain idiotic because of the overhead costs. Heck, if even Nintendo has adopted the technology (but not licensed the ability to play BD video), then it's a given that Microsoft will include a Bluray drive in its next console. A given. I do expect 1st day digital downloads for all games though.

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