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Comment: Re:Stupid action (Score 1) 715

by daffey (#34492760) Attached to: MasterCard Hit By WikiLeaks Payback Attacks

Re: The commentary portion, I agree, there was no benefit to either Wikileaks, or society. Most of the release was just gossip, and you can bet the diplomats of all the nations involved have similar commentary for the others they deal with. I'd love to see a comparison of China's private communications regarding North Korea. The difference being, I'd not put much stock in the life of the 'leaker' in that scenario. When the final blame is laid/verified on the current 'Leaker', at best, he'll have a chance to reflect on the wisdom of his actions while Julian gets rich and famous (warranted or not)

Comment: Wikileaks (Score 1) 810

by daffey (#34463250) Attached to: Digging Into the WikiLeaks Cables
Makes a case for water-boarding him to find the leak. The personalities stuff is old hat if your brain isn't dead, but releasing national defense related information serves no purpose other than enable terrorist. Perhaps that's the real goal of wikileaks. The really sad part of all this, is it's damaging to the name 'WIKI' which has some superb concepts, such as Wikipedia. The common layman will not separate them.

Comment: Wasted time on Vista (Score 1) 375

by daffey (#32278758) Attached to: Ballmer Says Microsoft Wasted Time On Vista
How about my wasted money on Vista? My laptop (with Vista) would be useless, but for the fact I switched it to Ubuntu. It didn't even work well as an alternate boot option, so now I have a 'pure' Linux machine with regular upgrades for the asking. All W7 did was move the buttons in my opinion, but I'm not a geek.

Comment: Re:It's not ending... (Score 1) 549

by daffey (#32050346) Attached to: The End of the PC Era and Apple's Plan To Survive
Sure, if you are 10-40 years old, you can see/use the dinky buttons, screens, and learn the changing "apps" of small hand held devices. But as you age, you will appreciate the larger format devices, towers, laptops, 'real' key boards, and screens. Additionally, you will become more paranoid about all your lunch being stored/processed out on the 'cloud'. I'm betting on 'PCs' being around for a bit longer, albeit in a different box. Daffey

Comment: Security on the web (Score 2, Interesting) 389

by daffey (#31502640) Attached to: Users Rejecting Security Advice Considered Rational
Technically savy people are missing the point. The average user doesn't understand 'how to install,understand messages, etc of all the security issues out there. (myself included) The average Joe is fearful of his security, but cannot negotiate the maze of security issues. They go to retailers for answers, and get soaked for software solutions, much of which isn't any better than the free solutions, etc. They are not"stupid/lazy/ or penny pincers". Some (probably most) are smarter than the geeks on the web, but just in other areas. Or were born before transistors existed, and Bakelite was the major synthetic insulator in electronics.

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