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Comment: Re:Good for them (Score 1) 84

by dadelbunts (#46496489) Attached to: Steam Controller Drops Touchscreen
Because its useful for a myriad of applications. A glaringly obvious example is any football game like Madden, it allows you to look through and choose plays without anyone else seeing your choices. For racing games it would be a great place to put additional telemetry readouts that you dont need to often look at, instead of having them clutter your HUD. Adding more shit onto already cluttered screens breaks the immersion. The less you can show that doesnt belong in the games universe on screen. the better.

Comment: Re:Noooo (Score 1) 289

by dadelbunts (#46064049) Attached to: Microsoft Reports Record Revenue
No. People that would normally buy a console, will just buy a console. Or a gaming pc with windows on it. If there were like 3 Steam Machines to choose from then i would agree with you, but with 14+ different boxes you still have the hassle of having to make sure the game you want to play will run on your particular machine.

Comment: Re:Change you can believe in! (Score 2) 349

Agreed 100%. I find it perplexing when people hate on Bush, yet praise obama, even tho he has done everything bush was doing but moreso. Deportations are higher with Obama than with Bush, even tho he promised immigration reform. DEA raids on legal dispensaries are higher than with Bush, even tho he promised an end to DEA raids in states where marijuana is legal. The Patriot Act and its bretheren have become worse and worse under Obama as well, yet people still praise him as some anti Bush political gamechanger.

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