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Comment What the fuck is with the snark (Score 1) 118

I dont understand the authors snarky tone when writing this. Space travel and exploration is important on so many levels, one of which is the economy! It baffles methat someone would try to negatively spin space exploration as a important issue on slashdot, especially with their already tiny an evershrinking budget.

Comment Re:Fuel Injection? (Score 1) 300

I fear your knowledge of cars is pretty limited with comments like this. You seem to think the only engines that exist are in econboxes. Go look at some rally engines that are pulling 300+ hp at 2.0 liters running insane anti lag systems. You use idiotic words to try to make a nonexistant point. The same could be said for electric engines. They use a doohicky to send electricity to a gizmo that spins around this trinket and moves this other thing. I used to build R/C cars with elecric motors when i was like 10. That makes it seem alot less like magic.

I've got a bad feeling about this.