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Comment: Re:Theory of evolution does need to be challenged (Score 1) 544

by dacullen (#46086769) Attached to: Map of Publicly-Funded Creationism Teaching
The problem is exactly as you surmised, you are working with popularized accounts, and probably written by someone with a less than academic understanding of evolutionary theory. Evolutionary theory never depends ""then magic happens". Does that mean that we understand every change in every organism? No. Might you cite some of these "Popular Proofs" I suspect that the laziness is in not caring about understanding the real the science. Evolutionary theory is the result of 100+ years of detailed taxonomic and genetic studies. And our understanding of the relationship between species changes from time to time as new evidence supports differing explanations. Talk to a biologist, professor or biology teacher if you want good information. (for the most part avoid elementary teachers, their science background is at best suspect) You cant do it in 500 words or 10 mins. The development of molecular biology (the study the molecular basis of life) has revolutionized how we study evolution. It has caused us to reevaluate some parts of our theory, but mostly it has provided additional strong evidence that supports the theory of evolution.

Comment: Re:Theory of evolution does need to be challenged (Score 1) 544

by dacullen (#46086629) Attached to: Map of Publicly-Funded Creationism Teaching
Your "Codependent gender sexual traits" are unexplainable by evolutionary theory because they are NOT part of the theory. We do not teach it at all, no less as fact. Male Peacocks with bright plumage are more successful than less brilliantly plumaged males. There is no change to females reproductive system is needed. In organisms with exchange of gametes (SEX) offspring may receive genes from either parent organism. Some of the genes might only be expressed in certain sexes. So female chick from a brightly plumaged peacock will not display the same plumage. This mixing of gametes leads to maximizing the genetic variety of the species, Likewise your fish tale. If a male fish has a genetic mutation that is incompatible with the current pool of females then that the end of the line.. EXTINCTION. Most mutations will be benign, not resulting in any advantage or disadvantage in reproduction. These mutations will continue to exists in the gene pool. Some mutations will be deleterious and the organism may die or fail to reproduce. a very few mutations will result in individuals with that trait gaining a statistical advantage in passing on the trait.

Comment: It's a mixed bag (Score 1) 523

by dacullen (#46068611) Attached to: RNC Calls For Halt To Unconstitutional Surveillance
Lots of posturing about restoring 4th amendment rights w/o any specifics. I'd really like to know what ACTION they will take. The only specific plans seem to be to haul as much of the current administration before congress for some goo ole public chastisement and to see if they can throw some charges at them that will stick. Not any mention chastising the GOP leaders that created the legislation that deprived the citizenry of their constitutional rights. Let focus on addressing the reform. If they really feel the need for outing people in public, be sure to bring along the leaders of both parties during bush that created the PATRIOT act and empowered the secret laws and courts.

Comment: Re:No good deed... (Score 2) 644

by dacullen (#46057247) Attached to: Court Says Craigslist Sperm Donor Must Pay Child Support

...ever goes unpunished.

I wonder if this will help or hurt future same-sex couples find sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogate mothers - all of which could find themselves caught up in a similar web of unintended consequences...

This is the INTENDED consequense of this action (by the state)

Comment: Love the smell of vapor in the morning (Score 1) 375

by dacullen (#45975629) Attached to: Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own
Interesting DESIGN excercise. And we just have to believe that the designer has successfully invented (or has access to ) new batteries that are "30 times smaller" than existing batteries (what does that mean, just smaller or 30x higher density?) that charge 1000 times faster(!) and a new micro compressor and that the device will actually provide a usable amount of oxygen for a diver. Not to mention safety concerns such as Oxygen toxicity and euphoria, or a backup supply if the batteries (or other component) fail. A classic design school exercise where students are unconstrained by the realities of physics and engineering. Look more impressive that the James Bond device for the same purpose albeit not as concealable.

Comment: Re:Are you serious? (Score 1) 282

by dacullen (#43935625) Attached to: It's Time To Start Taking Stolen Phones Seriously
Except that when police DO investigate stolen phones, they are often lead to the homes of thieves that have LOTS of stolen goods and bust of major theft rings and even a child porn ring. It's like crack, steal a few phones with low risk of being caught (despite good tech to do so) leads to more theft.

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