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Comment So follow the LAW (Score 4, Interesting) 73

In the demand letter, Simond's actually quotes the appropriate legal action that they should be taking: Get an injunction. Simonds undoubtedly recognizes that their case for a copyright injunction is weak and is trying for an end run by running over s small ISP with hopes of using their acquiescence as a tool to enlist more ISP's. Look at the CHM site, I get why Simond's is fighting mad. So they're beating up the nearest 98 pound weakling they can find in an effort to "do something NOW"

Comment We need REAL caller ID (Score 2) 229

These guys alway call with spoofed caller ID info. Why? Because its easy. I really can't believe that it not possible to create a REAL caller ID system. But the TELCO's will *itch about regulatory interference in their business. I say make them LIABLE for passing on bogus ID info and they will find a way to make caller id work. Calls from overseas? Just ID them as OVERSEAS calls. Co that sell spoofing services, well if the TELCO is liable, they wont allow spoofed ID on outbound trunks. They would rather profit from a BROKEN feature than actually create a working one.

Comment Re:More or less (Score 1) 497

Well, mostly in the context of common experience. But at exceptional speeds and scale (subatomic) the no longer function in the expected way. Laws of conservation (mass, energy, angular momentum) would be a better example as they do seem to apply at these exceptional dimension.

Submission + - Slashdot to inflict users with autoplaying video ads. 2

dacullen writes: Apparently unsatisfied income from text based ads, Slashdot will not come with LOUD autoplaying video ads for your enjoyment. Kinda freaks me and my students out when they start to play. I tried to play nice and turn off AdBlock, but see what I get.

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