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Comment Any will just do (Score 1) 92

General plug-in surge protectors just short to ground whenever the component inside triggers over X volt. According to Wikipedia the lowest trigger voltage is 330V for 110V circuits, so even a 110v-rated protector will work fine as the device MUST be able to handle such spikes without damage for certification. However note that especially in developing countries the surge protector may NOT be enough but the adequate solutions are probably far too heavy for you.

Comment Re:You shouldn't.. (Score 1) 63

My buest guess is that Slashdot, being a large site, has several geographically distributed caching servers (which are btw running Varnish)
It takes some time to populate and propagate the content to all proxies. Add possible time desynchronization and there comes your too-early/too-late.

We are talking tech news, not some high-precision announcement so the amount of cpu-power, engineering and system maintenance required to reduce the delay to e.g. a few seconds is simply unacceptable

Comment Re:Which is an... odd way to talk about graphics (Score 4, Informative) 989

No and yes.
A dual-core CPU as first produced by Intel really was only 2 CPU's on a single die.
However a real multicore CPU has multiple calculation cores while sharing certain parts (e.g. a common L3 cache or the ALU) and using a ultra-high-speed inter-core communication system

Furthermore a x86 CPU is huge due to it's sheer size of internal high-clock memory, X86 instruction set with additions like 64-bit, Hyperthreading,....
ARM CPU's as found in your mobile devices are a lot smaller due to a different (smaller) instruction set and being optimized for size, not high performance.

A GPU core on the other hand is even smaller (only several thousand transistors as compared to several millions in an average CPU) as it has only one and one purpose alone; mathematic calculations.
At least that was true untl OpenCL and Cuda came along, now they can execute -with great performance loss as compared to int and float calculations- other commands.

Comment Re:Rationale from the article (Score 1) 1005

I agree. Next time I report a break in to my customer's webspaces I fully expect chinese and russian officials to hunt down and turn over the crook owning the automated bot and bring him to Germany for fair justice
Oh well, he could also be shot in the raid in his home and claimed a danger to mankind for all I care.

Just make sure the system works BOTH ways, not only the money-stuffed-ass way

Comment Re:bits or bytes (Score 1) 367

Thtats because most users do not know the difference between Bit and Byte.
"Wow, you have 30 Megabyte internet" is a quote i've heard often enough on the bus. Note the absence of timespan AND the incorrect unit.

I guess it doesn't help that many providers advertise their features as "30MB/S" all in upper. Wondering if I could force them to fulfill their promise for the offered price...

Comment Re:Erm... (Score 1) 151

Well it's not very surprising considering that at least a Diebold I saw was running Windows 2k and seemingly without ECC-RAM since it kept blue-screening with the same tell-tale message over and over, ran through BIOS, booted up, tried loading it's user interface and eventuelly the cycle began anew...
I'm astonished they manage to keep the things from blowing up all by themselves

Comment Re:This still doesn't address fragmentation (Score 2) 206

And then spend countless hours tether-booting it, trying unreliable jailbreak hacks and stumble across issues with Cydia?
Or maybe you just don't care about jailbroken freedom, in which case: Why didn't you buy an Iphone4 in the first place? They were roughly the same price...

On the other hand you could just get a phone from one of the manufacturers that really cares about updates, like HTC, even if that means having a less impressive hardware. You did a choice knowing full well the manufacturer's notority for not caring about updates or if you didn't then you should have looked it up first.
Complaining about having to do stuff yourself afterwards is kinda... stupid

Comment Re:This still doesn't address fragmentation (Score 4, Insightful) 206

Give this one a try:
I think you'll find it icy-sweet enough
True, Samsung doesn't care about software updates, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't either.

Oh, and if your GPS antenna is broken or has bad contacts; you can order a new one for roughly 10-20$ off eBay, replacement is easy with just 2 screws.
However I usually find external bluetooth receivers with SIRF3-chips the best; my "Road66"-one even manages to get a steady and accuracte fix in large cities, has 6 hours battery charge and takes around 10 seconds to cold-start (I dont know how it does it... amazing!)

I for one am quite pleased with my Galaxy S (first revision), even if not with Samsun'g customer service. Well, that's what homebrew is for, isn't it? ;)

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