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Comment: Re:When does the Litigation Start? (Score 3, Insightful) 183 183

I for one feel bad for the helpless telecoms. They have done everything in their power provide nothing but exceptional service to customers over the past 30 years, including protecting our privacy and investing in infrastructure ~/sacrasm. Regardless of 'infringing' business models, we should be rejoicing the opportunity to compliment the current, and broken, communication model. By providing an alternative protocol with specific functionality it's not replacing current technology, simply enhancing it. Let's just hope it's not a product of the PR machine.

Comment: Regulations? (Score 1) 628 628

What I find most surprising is the lack of regulation. The government regulates countless other 'drugs' (cannabis comes to mind). How are the effects of caffeine on the body any different than say aspirin, alcohol, or even sugar substitutes? Because coffee comes in the form of a nice hot beverage it's sociable acceptable to have a few too many cups. If i have to drink 5 cups a day to feel 'normal' should i seek help? The hypocrisy in society is sometimes overwhelming.

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