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Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 1) 676

by Lord Kano (#49467207) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

You got an proof with that? Because what I hear is the same old bullshit I've hear republicans say since Clinton was in office.

This bit of information came to the public's attention because of a Democrat. Dick Morris spilled the beans when the Clinton's let him get pilloried in the court of public opinion.

And I don't actually care much, because the sex shit with Clinton was no fucking big deal at all, it's like when you are arguing with someone and they start picking on your grammar.

Of course you don't care. No one who cares about decency or the rule of law would consider voting for Hillary. It's nothing like picking apart someone's grammar. Hillary Clinton was involved with denying due process and justice to women who were sexually assaulted by her husband.

You have nothing else on the Clintons, 'cept this one minor sex shit and it's blown out of proportion.

Out of proportion?

Bill Clinton raped Juanita Broaddrick. Bill Clinton sexually assaulted Kathleen Willey. Bill Clinton sexually harassed Paula Jones.

When deposed in Paula Jones's civil case, he committed perjury. He instructed people that if they lied, the investigators would have nothing. He suborned perjury. He committed Obstruction of Justice. These are all felonies that would get you or me incarcerated.

Fuck, the VP is way the fuck more creepy then Clinton ever was, at least Clinton has the decency to not hit on women during their husbands speech.

You call it decency for Bill Clinton to grope Kathleen Willey's breast and forcibly put her hand on his penis while her husband's dead body was being recovered?

Joe Biden is a crazy asshole but he's nowhere near Bill Clinton in terms of sleaze.


Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 5, Insightful) 676

by Lord Kano (#49460065) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

I don't care about Bill Clinton's consensual sex life.

I'm not talking about Monica.

I'm talking about Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick, not to mention the other women who recanted their allegations after Hillary's forces put pressure on them.

She victimized women who were assaulted by her husband.

That's far worse than Bill's hanky-panky with an intern.


Comment: Re:Hell No Hillary (Score 4, Informative) 676

by Lord Kano (#49458809) Attached to: Hillary Clinton Declares 2016 Democratic Presidential Bid

By all means, you may vote for whomever you choose but please don't lie about it.

Hillary Clinton is one of the most corrupt politicians who has ever been on the national scene. Her job during her husband's administration was to orchestrate the harassment and character assassination of the women who were sexually assaulted by her husband.


Comment: Re:Cause, or effect? (Score 1) 324

by d34thm0nk3y (#49379931) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains
Could it also be related to poorer parents working more hours, thus having less time to be with the kids during their early years playing with them, reading for them and otherwise stimulating their brain development? Or has that been corrected for?

Why would it need to be corrected for? If its was caused by Poverty then it SUPPORTS THE CONCLUSION.

How did people become so poor at basic science on this site?

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