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Comment: Re:A creature evolves and then forms a relgion! (Score 1) 406

by cynicdave (#14920962) Attached to: Spore Is EA's New Ace
A good point. I really would like an ultra world reality simulator too but that's far away. The scope of what Wright has in Spore far out classes anything out there. I'm not sure "half-assed" describes what Wright is doing justice. Maybe Wright Jr., or Jesus Wrighst in about a dozen or a hundred years will create what you envision (and then the emerging ethical issues-- is it okay to kill fully sentient sims?) . But then again, the word 'game' is fast becoming obsolete isn't it? I, too, would like a Reality Simulator where you can do anything you want. kind of like in Ender's Game AFTER he defeats the giant or whatnot. But lets give the guy some credit.

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