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Comment Re:35mm film (Score 1) 635 635

...and 120 film, too :). I have a bunch of old cameras, both for 35mm film and 6x6. I regularly use them, and develop my own B&W films, and make prints, too. Its much, much, much, MUCH more fun than using digital cameras, although I admittedly take more photos with my digital.

Comment Both digital AND film cameras (Score 1) 316 316

I went digital quite a long time ago, and my current main camera is a Micro Four Thirds Olympus, but lately I've been rediscovering the joys of film photography with my Dad's old Yashicaflex C (1955, 60mm film) and Miranda Fv (1967, 35mm film). I'm even thinking of starting to develop the black-and-white films for myself.

Comment No icons here, they are for the n00bs (Score 5, Insightful) 384 384

I've always hated the "Icons-On-A-Desktop"-design priciple. Back then when I still used Windows(TM) (That's almost 10 years ago...); I went to great lengths to remove every icon from my desktop - even the trashcan. Now as a Linux user, I use desktop environments / window managers which either does not support icons on desktop at all, or allow to turn them off.

Comment Re:It's all about the tape! (Score 1) 289 289

A few years back I was very surprised to find that there wasn't any 'Tape Calculator Emulators' for Linux. I seem to have missed this; thanks for bringing this to attention! (Although it seems to be more-or-less abandoned project... I wonder whether it compiles on modern Gentoo?).

The tape calculator I have used for some time is SuperbCalc: http://www.mariottini.net/roberto/superbcalc/. It is java-based, so it will run on all OS'es.

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