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+ - Static Router In Linux->

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shayla.john86 writes: "Step by step guide on add, view, edit and configure static route on Linux Fedora Core.

The article below show the step by step to display route, configure route, adding and edit route and static route on Linux Fedora Core using Linux netstat command and route command."

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Comment: Re:Awesome (Score 1) 112

by cyb97 (#33000706) Attached to: Open Source GSM Cracking Software Released

Or you can pay for it and have it both ways. This is available in quite a few countries where cloned SIMs is a legitimate use case.

Depends on your locality. Around here it is not uncommon for companies to have one number, but several phones - or even people. So you can have the same number on your desktop phone, mobile phone and car phone without having to move sims around or do cumbersome bluetooth magic.

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+ - Italian Court OKs Preference for Open Source ->

Submitted by Glyn Moody
Glyn Moody writes: While it remains under threat in Europe, here's a big win for open source at the national level. The Italian Constitutional Court has approved a law in Piedmont giving preference to open source, ruling that it is not anti-competitive: "the Court ruled that the preference for Free Software is legitimate and complies with the principle of freedom of competition." Its reasoning was interesting: "It is not understandable how the the choice of a Public institution with regard to a feature, and not a product ... can be deemed as a breach of antitrust law. The concepts of Free Software and software whose code can be inspected do not refer to a particular technology, brand or product, but they rather express a legal feature". Would that same logic apply in other jurisdictions?
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