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+ - Electrical Brain Stimulation Improves Math Skills->

Submitted by ewolfson
ewolfson (2876545) writes "Dinner is over, and the waiter is handing over the bills to everyone when the collective tension sets in... how much do we tip? Math can trigger anxiety in adults and kids, but now scientists at Oxford University have developed a way to flip a switch and turn a normal person's brain into a math machine. They found painless, electrical brain stimulation in combination with easy number exercises can significantly improve math ability."
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+ - Dealing with a Fear of Technological Change? 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Despite the fact that I am fairly young at twenty-four years old, people see me as rather "old school." I regularly use Lynx, IRC, Pine, have many consoles open, and am currently typing this on an older plain black laptop that has a matte 4:3 display and no chiclet keys. As the days progress, I am coming to the realization that the "old school" computing world that I grew up in is slowly fading away and a new world of Windows 8, Web 3.0, tablets, smart televisions, and social networking is starting to become fairly common. If there is anything I have learned, it is that most humans have a desire to throw out the old and accept the new without any sort of hesitation. Like many Slashdot users (I am sure you know who you are), I do not accept the new as easily as I probably should. How have you learned to adapt and accept things that are new and different in the world of technology and computers? If not, what are some effective strategies to utilize to keep these kids off my lawn?"

Google News Sci Tech: Amazon to release its own set-top box: Report - NBCNews.com->

From feed by feedfeeder

Christian Science Monitor

Amazon to release its own set-top box: Report
Amazon plans to put out a set-top box to compete with the likes of Roku, Apple TV, and other streaming devices, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. No price or timeline was mentioned, except that it would appear sometime in 2013. The Seattle-based company ...
Report: Amazon Plans Set-Top Streaming BoxPC Magazine
Amazon Said to Plan TV Set-Top Box for Streaming VideoBloomberg
Here Comes Amazon's Kindle TV Set-Top BoxBusinessweek
Christian Science Monitor-The Atlantic Wire-CNET
all 52 news articles

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+ - NASA lets us watch the Sun spin for 3 years in 4 minute video-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Back in February 2010 NASA launched the Solar Dynamics Observatory–a 3-axis stabilized satellite and fully redundant spacecraft. The aim of the SDO is to monitor solar activity and see how that impacts space weather.

As part of its observations, the SDO captures an image of the Sun every 12 seconds using the onboard Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, but varies those shots across 10 different wavelengths. NASA has now collected 3 year’s worth of image data from the SDO and has put together a video letting us see the Sun spin in all its glory."

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