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by cwmaxson (#26182387) Attached to: Baby To Be Born Without the Gene For Breast Cancer
Don't worry, gram-positive bacteria are very quickly innovating the amino acid chains in their peptidoglycan structure, thus thwarting any attempts we have at manipulating nature. Essentially we're fucked. In the meantime, what they are doing is really cool. This isn't completely off topic. The point is that we can learn to give ourselves a fighting chance, but mutation is just too rapid for us to ever get past. It's an arms race, and we are north korea.

+ - Students 'should use Wikipedia'-> 3

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An anonymous reader writes "The BBC has an article on these disturbing quotes from Jimmy Wales.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said teachers who refuse students access to the site are "bad educators". Speaking at the Online Information conference at London's Olympia, he dismissed the long-running controversy over the site's authority. He said he now thinks that students should be able to cite the online encyclopaedia in their work.

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gaika writes "The graph in the best traditions of Edward Tufte shows how the voting was rigged in Russian parlament elections. Initially some regions were showing higher than 100% attendance, but later on everything was corrected, or way too much corrected, as the correlation between winning party's vote and attendance now stands at 90%. I guess the people who have rigged the vote have never heard about Correlation Cofficient."
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